The Matrix

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur


3:16 Cop shot redirected to another cop (other attacks during this fight are not necessarily lethal)

1:19:51 Mouse gets gunned down

1:23:31 Four cops gunned down

1:26:36 Dozer electrocuted

1:29:08 Cypher kills Apoch

1:29:38 Cypher kills Switch

1:30:38 Tank kills Cypher

1:41:35 Three guards shot (the one struck would not have died yet)

1:41:47 Backup guard shot

1:42:51 Security guy shot by Neo

1:42:56 Then another

1:42:59 And a third

1:43:07 Trinity shotguns a guard

1:43:35 Neo guns down 2 more guards

1:43:53 Neo uzi’s a guard

1:45:29 Explosion hits the lobby and kills the 3 guards that were just knocked out

1:46:03 Neo rifles a guard (there are several guards down on the roof, but their status cannot be ascertained)

1:46:05 Trinity knifes a guard

1:46:53 Trinity shoots the former chopper pilot

1:48:38 Neo chainguns the 3 hosts to the Agents

1:58:27 homeless host for Agent Smith

2:03:12 Neo shot by Agent Smith

2:06:37 Resurrected Neo kills Agent Smith and his host


Total: 33 kills

The Kill Counter had a total of 27, but there were several misses in this.  They counted the broken nose at the beginning, missed the fact that there were 4 cops that confronted the group in the basement of the building when Apoch and Switch started shooting and all 4 would need to die to make their escape. They are 2 short in the lobby because it gets blown up and they miss 2 of the agents that get chain gunned holding Morpheus.  They miss the homeless guy Smith takes over hit by the train and Neo dying (he flatlines and it supports the Oracle’s prediction which is key to the movie).  Lastly they miss that Neo killing Smith would also have killed his host.

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding