Jonah Hex

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur


1:22 Hex shoots 2 soldiers

1:24 and 2 more

1:33 2 on a bridge shot by Hex

1:37 guy on a horse shot by Hex then another

1:39 guy in formation shot

1:43 guy killed by explosion

1:52 4 guys lined up for execution which doesn’t happen on screen but is implied to have happened

2:33 Hex’s wife and child burned to death by Burke

5:30 shows comic book art style animated kills as part of his back story which is likely metaphorical sort of so won’t be counted

6:01 Hex is dragging 3 bodies by horseback into town

7:16 Hex throws bag of remains of the 4th brother to the sheriff

8:16 Hex guns down 4 law enforcement (looks like 5 but one lived)

8:32 Hex gets the guy in the bell tower

8:50 Guy stealing boots gets gunned down in crossfire

8:52 Hex shoots guy popping out of coffin

10:02 Hex gets the 5th law enforcement guy

12:36 Two fake union soldiers shoot 5 real soldiers confirmed through freeze frame at 12:54

13:30 Guys blow up portions of the train containing all passengers and other soldiers 1 commander, 2 turncoats, 43 soldiers -5 already dead using still frames to count starting at 11:05 no fewer than 14 passengers using stills starting at 11:22 (commander says we have them 20 to 1 apparently can’t count), 1 soldier survives but is shot after

16:06 Hex shoots a guy in a bar

23:30 Man shown dead from interrogation

28:25 At least 13 dead soldiers in a government facility (exact number is difficult because of lighting)

28:31 3 More dead shown in front

28:49 Turnbull shoots a soldier

31:19 Snake fighter kills ‘the barbarian’

31:49 Snake fighter kills Slocum

38:13 Overly possessive john stabbed to death

40:43 Hex axes a guy and knocks out the other

43:22 Hex blows up 9 guys in a hallway with explosive crossbow bolts

43:28 Two more

43:31 One more

43:35 Two more

43:50 Eight more

44:53 Hex shoots a guy

51:17 All civilians in a town killed, 324 confirmed by exposition

57:42 Hex hatchets a guy

58:28 Turnbull shoots a collaborator

1:00:54 Hex uses ship rotor to kill Burke

1:05:45 A ship is destroyed. We can only see 2 who died, but the ship is clearly patterned after the USS Monitor which had a crew complement of 49, so we can expect that that many died.

1:06:23 Talulah shoots a guy

1:06:32 Then another after a low blow

1:06:40 Hex shoots 2

1:06:45 Then another and another

1:06:50 He gets another

1:06:56 Talulah gets another

1:07:04 Hex torches a guy

1:10:08 Hex kills Turnbull

1:10:36 Hex blows up the ship which still had at least 31 guys on it not counting Turnbull, his main henchman or the turncoat he has on board. I arrived at this number from frame by frame deconstruction of earlier scenes, though I could not find a direct comparison to the ship it looks most like the Josephine 22hr843, though I could not find a complement for it.  Since the pair of good guys kill 9 before the explosion, we can assume at least 22 died in it.


Total: 542


Carnage Counts does a tally and gives this 182, but they miss quite a few individual kills and don’t take into account crew compliment for the Monitor or the exposition about how many actually died in the town.  In the latter two, I think they only count on screen visible kills.

All Outa Bubblegum does a count that is smaller yet, but has a nice breakdown of kill by character.

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