5.35: Interview with Christina Nava

Did you ever wonder what it was like to write a script for a film? Well, take a load off and give a listen! The Pudding Guys get the chance to speak with screenwriter and producer Christina Nava! She gives us a peak behind the curtain and fills us in on her film Divorce Bait!

5.34: Interview with Patrick Perez Vidauri

In this episode we have the rare treat to sit down with a film director with a great deal of pizazz, Patrick Perez Vidauri! We talk about his entry into the business, the joys of talk radio, and of course his new film Divorce Bait! You are going to want to hear this!

5.33: Interview with Jon Parrish

The Pudding Guys welcome back friend of the show and independent comic book creator, Jon Parrish! We catch up with his journey of the last 4 years that has led to the publishing of Mega Centurions! Great stuff from an excellent storyteller!

5.32: Interview with Paul Sidhu

In this episode we get the exciting opportunity to sit down with international actor/writer/producer Paul Sidhu! Not only do we get to learn a little about his unique road into the industry, but we also learn about his new project Repeater!

5.31: 2022 in Review

It’s been quite a year folks. In this episode your hosts will talk about what they think some of the high points were in cinema and some of the excellent people we have talked to. We will also cover some of the unfortunate losses of some truly talented individuals.

5.30: Interview with Erik Fellows

Actor Erik Fellows returns to the show to fill us in on what’s been happening the last couple of years and to talk about his new film Divorce Bait!

5.29: History of Comics in TV part 5

Ken and Richard tackle the years of 1968-1969 in the history of comics in TV! There are some real gems in this episode, so don’t be a Jughead and take a listen!

5.28: Review of the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Ken and Richard review the final MCU offering of the year, Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special! We will give some reactions but we are sticking to our Gunns…. Hopefully that will save our Bacon… (Who doesn’t love some end of year puns?)

5.27: Tribute to Kevin Conroy

Ken and Richard dedicate some time to talking about their appreciation for the talent and just general quality of human being that was Kevin Conroy. Come reminisce and raise a glass to the man that was and will always be Batman!

5.26: History of comics in TV part 4

Ken and Richard return with the next installment talking about TV shows based on comic strips and comic books! The years are 1966-1967 and the results are far out!

5.25: Review of Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever

Ken and Richard travel back to the amazing land of Wakanda via the slightly sticky seats of their closest AMC theatre! How does the sequel stack up to the original? How does it fit into the current MCU? How does Ironheart fit into all of this? Listen and find out!

5.24: Top 5 Marvel Films to Date

Ken and Richard dive into their favorite 5 films based on Marvel properties to date as they prepare for the release of Black Panther 2! Do their picks match the reviews on the website or do they deviate? Listen and find out!

5.23: Interview with Martin Harris

Actor Martin Harris visits the show to talk about his newest projects (Stranger Things, Amsterdam, The Gray Man) as well as what it was like transitioning from reporting to acting!

5.22: Review of Black Adam

It is time for the Rock to make his presence felt in the DCEU in the new film Black Adam and more specifically, it is time for the Pudding Guys to pass judgement upon this newest installment! Or at the very least crack some jokes and decide how much we liked it. Come join us! The atmosphere is absolutely electric with anticipation!

5.21: Interview with Sumalee Montano

In this episode, Ken sits down with one of the great voice actors in the industry today, Sumalee Montano! Whether you are a fan of animated shows or video games you have likely heard this talented woman’s voice. Not only that, but she has been featured in numerous live action shows and movies like ‘Star Trek: Picard’, ‘Critical Role’, ‘The Lost Symbol’ and ‘This is Us’! We also get the low down on her new film ‘The Deal’ which is on Roku right now!

5.19: Top Ten Animated Films to Date (part 1)

Ken and Richard tackle the arduous (some would say impossible) task of ranking our top ten favorite animated films to date.  There was so much good stuff to talk about, it will take 2 episodes to finish!

5.18: Interview with Cody Renee Cameron

In this episode Ken sits down with the talented Cody Renee Cameron! Whether you see her modelling, acting, doing stunt work or just pursuing her love of motorcycles, you can’t help but get a sense of the fun she brings with her everywhere!

5.17: Interview with Leonard Pigg

The Pudding Guys get the chance to sit down with a local legend and good friend, Leonard Pigg! He shares a little about his current projects as well as what it is like to commentate in a local wrestling circuit!