4.16: Review of Tenet

Your intrepid hosts review the sci-fi movie Tenet! Is it more gold from Christopher Nolan or is it a swing and a miss? Tune in to find out!

4.14: Interview with James Moses Black

In this episode, Ken sits down with actor James Moses Black to talk about S.O.Z (Soldados o Zombies) and Comedy Queenpins, his upcoming movie projects, as well as his history in the movie industry.

4.13: Review of The Suicide Squad (2021)

Ken and Richard review DC’s second attempt at a film surrounding the misfit villians of the titular Suicide Squad. Did they get it right this time? Listen and find out!

4.12: Interview with Laura Niemi

Ken talks with Laura Niemi, actor of stage and screen, about her career; including her roles on FireFly, Castle, This is Us, and her new play, Pool Boy.

4.11: Favorite Cover Songs

Seeing one musician’s art interpreted by another is often a wonderful experience. This episode, Ken and Richard discuss their top 10 favorite covers.

4.10: Review of Bo Burnham: Inside

Ken and Richard review a comedy special for the first time–Bo Burnham: Inside. While we don’t have a ‘little bit of everything all of the time,’ we do have quite a few opinions about this special, so get your hands up!

Season 4: Episode 9

Big comic book movies are back! Today, we have the joy of reviewing Black Widow. Joining us in the fun are guest hosts, Delvin Cox (@delvin_cox) and Michael Aaron (@OneMikeNetwork)!

Season 4: Episode 8

The year 2016 was a big year for Comic Book movies, and Ken and Richard are back to discuss half of them!

Season 4: Episode 7

Happy Friday Pudding People! Today, we sit down with producer and co-founder of Electric Entertainment, Rachel Olschan! Among other things we talk about the upcoming Leverage Redemption show!

Season 4: Episode 6

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than robots, spaceships, time travel, and explosions. So, in celebration of the things that make the genre great, Ken and Richard gush over their Top !0 favorite Sci-Fi films! 

Season 4: Episode 5

For our next trick, Ken sits down to talk movies and magic with actor Gene Silvers. We assure you, it’s an enchanting conversation!

Season 4: Episode 4

Today, Ken and Richard give you their thoughts on Zack Snyder’s latest offering, Army Of The Dead! Does it live up to the hype? Tune in and see what we think!

Season 4: Episode 3

In this episode, we have the unique opportunity to get a look at what it’s like to work in the world of public relations. Listen along as Ken talks with the fantastic Jill Goldstein, of JGoldsteinPR!

Season 4: Episode 2

It’s History time! Take a walk with us back to the year 2015, as we discuss the four comic book movies that were released that year. One of them is (kind of) Fantastic!

Season 4: Episode 1

It’s a new season, and what better way to kick it off than a conversation with one of our favorite guests, the extraordinary, Dean Devlin! Our discussion centers on the upcoming new show Leverage: Redemption, premiering on IMDbTV, July 9th.

Season 3: Episode 52

In our final episode of Season 3, we have the good fortune to talk shop with actor Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Dexter, Supernatural)! We touch on many of his interesting roles over his career, as well as his new charitable project.

Season 3: Episode 51

There is little that makes us smile (or potentially cringe) as much as a sequel to a beloved movie. In this episode, we are joined by One Mike, a fellow podcaster and movie reviewer, to tackle Coming 2 America, a sequel thirty years in the making!

Season 3: Episode 50

In this episode, Ken and Richard tackle the remainder of 2014 in the history of comic book movies. This was a really important year for the MCU, as well as having a large complement of other fantastic offerings! 

Season 3: Episode 49

Your intrepid hosts take a look back at the movie Dredd from 2012 and what it has to say about “Urban” sprawl and the need for snazzy new police uniforms.