6.49: Bethesda Game Updates

Ken and Richard react to Bethesda’s newest updates to both the tried and tested Fallout 4 and the newest beta drop for Starfield! Are these changes cool? Will they attract new players? Will they address existing issues in the games and/or provide something exiting to existing fans to make them wish to play again? Listen and find out!

6.47: Review of Fallout

Ken and Richard review the Amazon streaming adaptation of one of their favorite gaming series: Fallout! Can it live up to their lofty expectations, or is this just another example of a large corporation experimenting on unsuspecting citizens in the name of profit… and probably science?

6.19: Starfield Observations and Playthrough Part 2

Your intrepid explorers of the cosmos continue their trek so to speak through the new Bethesda title Starfield! Now that they have had some time to really marinate in all that is the game, are they still as enamored with it? Listen in for some nuggets of gaming wisdom!

6.15: Starfield First Impressions

Your intrepid hosts take a trip into the wild reaches of space with their first impressions of the new Bethesda game: Starfield! Find out a little of the feel, what to expect, what not to miss and just get a general feeling of what is in store with no spoilers! (basically)

5.47: Review of Super Mario Bros.

Ken and Richard spring into action to review one of 2023’s more successful films to date, Super Mario Bros! Is this film a vibrant capture of its video game source material or is it a hollow shell? Listen and find out!

Season 3: Episode 18

Richard discusses the major gaming news that XBox has acquired Bethesda, and what impact this will have on the industry.

Season 3: Episode 17

In the past, we’ve shown a lot of love to live-action adaptations of our comic favorites. This episode, Richard focuses on some of the animated offerings from Marvel and DC. He also discusses some of the next generation gaming consoles that will be dropping soon!

Season 2: Episode 36

In this episode (the second of our new format), Ken and Richard talk about what they love in Fallout 4, continue the History of Comic Book Movies with the movie 300, and have their friendly news correspondent Delvin Cox stop by to talk about the Impeachment!