7.02: Album Swap

Sometimes there is no greater gift than the gift of music. In that spirit, we revisit one of our favorite pass-times, the Album Swap! We each give the other an album they have no listened to and we give our honest reactions. Ken listens to WC and Maad Circle’s ‘Curb Servin’ and Richard listens to Handsome Boy Modelling School’s ‘White People’! Did we serve up some winners or do we need more schoolin’?

6.46: Interview with Nina Bergman

In this episode, the Pudding Guys welcome the lovely and talented Nina Bergman to the show! A dancer, model, actress, boxer and musician, Nina has packed a lot of experience is a relatively short time. We talk about her experiences as well as one of her newest films, Cold Meat!

6.42: Top 10 Bands with a Perfect 3 Album Run

Ever heard a perfect album by any artist? Ever heard three in a row? Well that is what this episode is about as your hosts gush over 10 bands they each think had a run of three perfect albums!

6.38: Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands

In this episode Ken and Richard take on the wonderfully difficult task of ranking the top 10 Heavy Metal Bands of all time! It’s a screaming good time!

6.18: Top 10 Chris Cornell Songs of All Time

Richard and Ken lay out what they think are the absolute pinnacle of Chris Cornell’s amazing musical career. These are the top 10 songs from any iteration of any band he was a part of arrange by taste and interpreted importance and not necessarily commercial success.

6.07: Interview with Dale Peterson

Ken gets the chance to sit down and talk with writer/director Dale Peterson who is behind several of the most iconic music videos of the grunge era from bands such as Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and STP! We talk about his career as well as his spooky new show In Through the Out Door!

5.41: Top 10 Guitarists of all time

Ken and Richard tackle a topic that has been debated by millions of music fans over the years: Who are the best 10 guitarists of all time? Our picks will now put this discussion to rest! Or probably not. Fun will be had either way!

4.49: Comic movie news and music experiment

Richard takes the helm this week and talks some news about upcoming comic book movie and show projects! He also starts and experiment relating to what you, the listeners, think are great examples of ‘perfect’ albums to listen to!

4.38: Music Swap and Review

The Pudding Guys talk music as they exchange and review albums. Jam bands and Jazz sax are today’s topic of discussion!

4.30: Getting Back to the Beatles

Ken and Richard, lifelong Beatles fans, review The Beatles: Get Back, a new three-episode documentary currently streaming on Disney+. Does this nearly eight-hour marathon of previously unseen footage give us a new perspective on the Fab Four? Does it shed light on some gems? Tune in and find out!

4.11: Favorite Cover Songs

Seeing one musician’s art interpreted by another is often a wonderful experience. This episode, Ken and Richard discuss their top 10 favorite covers.

Season 3: Episode 25

Ken and Richard challenge each other’s musical tastes with a CD swap! Ken brings Yellow and Green (Baroness, 2012) as his pick and Richard’s contribution is Riddles Are Abound Tonight (Sausage, 1994).

Season 3: Episode 3

Today’s episode concerns Ken and Richard’s favorite musical artists, and the times those groups made an album that was radically different, or even revolutionary! They also discuss a comic book movie from 2008 — The Spirit, and the changing nature of business during COVID-19.

Season 3: Episode 1

Welcome to Season 3! We kick things off with a bang as Ken interviews the wonderfully talented Christian Kane! Listen as they dig into his new show Almost Paradise, his music career, and more!!! Can you tell we’re excited?

Season 2: Episode 50

Our good friend Delvin Cox stops by and we talk about our earliest formative music as well as a bit about the movie Hellboy 2, circa 2008!

Season 2: Episode47

Hey there Pudding People! This Friday we come to you with a discussion about some fun tools that can help us game with friends that we can’t currently visit, a couple of less popular albums by a great metal band and we finish up comic movies from 2007!

Season 2: Episode 45

In this time of feeling isolated, Ken and Richard describe their ideal concert festival. They also continue the History of Comic Book Movies segment with “30 Days of Night” from 2007.

Season 2: Episode 44

Hey there Pudding People! We hope the sickness has spared you and that life is treating you well. In this episode, we discuss whether Soundgarden would be successful in today’s world, and the movies we want to see remade!

Season 2: Episode 29

Nineteen-ninety-nine was a time of change in the music industry. Join us as we talk about what we thought were the musical high points of that year.

Season 2: Episode 22

We get a chance to sit down with a man whose sound is synonymous with the Hammond B-3, Grammy award winner, Billy Earheart!