6.51: Season 1 X-Men ’97 Review

It’s been 6 years folks! And the Pudding Guys can think of no better way to cap off that sixth season than to review the full first season of X-Men ’97! C’mon and sing along with us: De-ne, ne-ne-ne, NEH-NEH!

6.49: Bethesda Game Updates

Ken and Richard react to Bethesda’s newest updates to both the tried and tested Fallout 4 and the newest beta drop for Starfield! Are these changes cool? Will they attract new players? Will they address existing issues in the games and/or provide something exiting to existing fans to make them wish to play again? Listen and find out!

6.47: Review of Fallout

Ken and Richard review the Amazon streaming adaptation of one of their favorite gaming series: Fallout! Can it live up to their lofty expectations, or is this just another example of a large corporation experimenting on unsuspecting citizens in the name of profit… and probably science?

6.45: Review of The Big Short

It’s time for a throwback movie review! Your intrepid hosts go back almost 10 years to 2015’s The Big Short! Invest some time in this episode and we guarantee you won’t regret it! Although, we are an unregulated podcast market that is not required to make good on its claims, so listen at your own risk!

6.44: X-Men ’97 First Impressions

Ken and Richard attempt to restrain their giddy glee as they review the first 3 episodes of a sequel series to one of their favorites, X-Men ’97! How will it stack up to the original 1992 series? Listen and get what you probably already realize is an extremely biased reaction!

6.41: Review of Dune 2

Join your intrepid host Richard in his review of this 2024 sequel to the 2021 remake of the 1984 film based on the 1965 novel Dune. Guess where his remote and secret recording location is and you win the prize! (disclaimer: there is no prize. Stop asking. It makes you seem needy.)

6.39: Review of Madame Web

In this very special episode of Everybody Loves Pudding, your host rambles for about 30 minutes regarding the newest comic book film, Madame Web. Will he find the film satisfying? Will he find it less than palatable? Will he ever get to his point? All of these questions may or may not be answered within!

6.36: Review of the 2024 Royal Rumble

Once a year we celebrate sports entertainment and watch as 60 men and women give their all to put on a show to remember! That’s right, it’s time to talk about the 2024 Royal Rumble! How did it stack up to prior incarnations? Listen and find out!

6.34: Review of Echo

The Pudding Guys tackle Marvel’s latest show on Disney+, Echo! How does it compare to it’s predecessors? Is it a low like Invasion or a high like WandaVision? Listen in and find out!

6.32: Review of What If Season 2

It’s time to partake of the second season of the MCU’s most popular (some would say only) episodic streaming animated show, What If! See what the Pudding guys think of the new goodies and how much they focus on Jeff Goldblum alone!

6.31: Review of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

We start the year with a review of DC’s most current offering to the movie world: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom! Will this film break the streak of somewhat disappointing comic films or will it continue the trend? Listen and find out!

6.27: Review of DC Animated film Green Lantern: Beware My Power

Ken and Richard tackle one of the newer DC animated films trying for a reboot of sorts, Green Lantern: Beware My Power! Can DC and company continue their winning ways from the level of quality the previous 10 years or so of movies have given us? Listen and find out!

6.25: Review of Loki Season 2 Part 2

Ken and Richard finish the second half of Loki season 2 and offer up their opinions on not only the show itself, but also the state of the MCU and where they think the industry needs to focus and where they expect the industry to actually focus.

6.24: Review of The Marvels

The Marvels is out in theaters and the Pudding Guys are here to weigh in with their take on the newest MCU addition!

6.22: Fun 5 Action Films

Your favorite reviewing duo is back with another Fun 5! This time they call back to 5 action films over the last 40 years or so that are gems to enjoy if you haven’t already done so! Of course, beware spoilers and a certain amount of whimsical rambling!

6.21: Loki Season 2 Initial Reaction

It’s half way through the second season of Loki Season 2! Is this the direction the Pudding Guys expected the show to go? Is it living up to their extremely high expectations? Will Ken and Richard ever get to enjoy a piece of the famed TVA Key Lime pie? Tune in and find out!

6.19: Starfield Observations and Playthrough Part 2

Your intrepid explorers of the cosmos continue their trek so to speak through the new Bethesda title Starfield! Now that they have had some time to really marinate in all that is the game, are they still as enamored with it? Listen in for some nuggets of gaming wisdom!

6.15: Starfield First Impressions

Your intrepid hosts take a trip into the wild reaches of space with their first impressions of the new Bethesda game: Starfield! Find out a little of the feel, what to expect, what not to miss and just get a general feeling of what is in store with no spoilers! (basically)

6.14: Comedy Movie Review Speed Run

This week Ken and Richard change the pace, so to speak. You get 5 movie reviews in rapid succession covering a number of comedy films from the last 20 years. Just a little fun and perspective to give our current day reviews!

6.12: Review of Blue Beetle

Ken and Richard review what is considered to be the first film in James Gunn’s new run on a DC cinematic universe! Look up in the sky… No! Look down on the floor… it’s an indebted college student… it’s a scarab… it’s The Blue Beetle!  Intro music composed by Ken, Outro music by Richard.