6.15: Starfield First Impressions

Your intrepid hosts take a trip into the wild reaches of space with their first impressions of the new Bethesda game: Starfield! Find out a little of the feel, what to expect, what not to miss and just get a general feeling of what is in store with no spoilers! (basically)

6.14: Comedy Movie Review Speed Run

This week Ken and Richard change the pace, so to speak. You get 5 movie reviews in rapid succession covering a number of comedy films from the last 20 years. Just a little fun and perspective to give our current day reviews!

6.12: Review of Blue Beetle

Ken and Richard review what is considered to be the first film in James Gunn’s new run on a DC cinematic universe! Look up in the sky… No! Look down on the floor… it’s an indebted college student… it’s a scarab… it’s The Blue Beetle!  Intro music composed by Ken, Outro music by Richard.

6.11: Review of GenCon 2023

It’s that time of year again, and what an excellent time it is! The Pudding Guys review the best four days in gaming as it recently hit Indianapolis in 2023! In addition to filling you in on some of the highlights, Ken gives a few more nuggets of hard won wisdom in advice to the eager convention goers out there (or the casually interested, either way).

6.10: Secret Invasion Review Extravaganza

Marvel Entertainment has hit us with a new show to enjoy as they expand upon the increasingly massive MCU! Richard and Ken take up arms and review Secret Invasion!

6.06: Review of Extraction 2

Ken and Richard dive head first into this action sequel featuring our favorite Hemsworth that played a Norse god at one point. There’s hand to hand, there’s blades, there’s guns and there’s explosions! With all of that, how does it stack up against it’s predecessor?

6.05: Review of Flash

Ken and Richard dissect what is to be the last of the DCEU films with The Flash! Can our wits keep up with this newest installment?

6.01: Review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

We start the new season off strong with a review of James Gunn’s last entry in the MCU franchise that is Guardians of the Galaxy! Does this give us a satisfactory close to the story ark? Listen and find out!

5.51: Review of Dungeons and Dragons: Honor among Thieves

Ken and Richard take a look at Hollywood’s latest attempt to adapt a film from a classic role-playing game in Dungeons and Dragons: Honor among Thieves! How does it compare? Well grab your character sheet and some dice and take a listen to find out! (Then put away your character sheet and dice. Why would you think you would need that to listen to a podcast? That’s just silly.)

5.47: Review of Super Mario Bros.

Ken and Richard spring into action to review one of 2023’s more successful films to date, Super Mario Bros! Is this film a vibrant capture of its video game source material or is it a hollow shell? Listen and find out!

5.45: Review of Shazam! Fury of the Gods/Gatlinburg

Ken and Richard tackle different subjects in this episode! We start with Ken reviewing the newest DCU installment: Shazam! Fury of the Gods and then Richard finishes things off with a review of Gatlinburg TN as a tourist destination!

5.39: Review of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

We are super excited to review the first film of phase 5 of the MCU, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania! How does Marvel’s first step into this next phase fare and what does it reveal of what is to come? Listen and maybe find out some of it! Or possibly just listen to a couple of guys ramble.

5.25: Review of Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever

Ken and Richard travel back to the amazing land of Wakanda via the slightly sticky seats of their closest AMC theatre! How does the sequel stack up to the original? How does it fit into the current MCU? How does Ironheart fit into all of this? Listen and find out!

5.24: Top 5 Marvel Films to Date

Ken and Richard dive into their favorite 5 films based on Marvel properties to date as they prepare for the release of Black Panther 2! Do their picks match the reviews on the website or do they deviate? Listen and find out!

5.22: Review of Black Adam

It is time for the Rock to make his presence felt in the DCEU in the new film Black Adam and more specifically, it is time for the Pudding Guys to pass judgement upon this newest installment! Or at the very least crack some jokes and decide how much we liked it. Come join us! The atmosphere is absolutely electric with anticipation!

5.15: Review of DC League of Super-Pets

Ken and Richard fetch their newest movie review of the film DC League of Super-Pets! Is this movie good enough to be like the belly rubbings we all love or is it more like the slobbery chew toy we don’t want to directly touch? Tune in and find out!

5.11: Review of Prey

Does it feel like this episode just snuck up on you out of nowhere? Well that makes sense because your intrepid hosts were testing their camouflage while they take on the review of the new movie Prey! How does this newest prequel in the Predator series stack up against its predecessors? Listen and find out!

5.09: Review of Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Richard is back in the saddle again and to celebrate we review a prequel to the cartoon adaptation G.I.Joe movies: Snake Eyes! Is it loaded with ninja goodness or will it just leave us speechless?