6.13: Interview with Nicole Arlyn

This week we have with us the fabulous Nicole Arlyn who has graciously stopped by to share with us a little of her career thus far and to fill us in on her new movie Til Death Do Us Part!

6.09: Interview with Arielle Raycene

Ken sits down with model and actress Arielle Raycene! They talk history, the industry, love of music and the current writers and actors strike. Listen in and learn about this fun person!

6.04: Interview with David Mills

Actor and comedian David Mills drops in to talk shop and give us a glimpse of what performing in the UK is like. We also talk unsolved crimes and his passing interest in world hopping archeologists.

6.02: Interview with Aaron Dalla Villa

Ken sits down with the multi-talented Aaron Dalla Villa and talks about his beginnings in dance, his transition to theatre and his work in TV and film. Among other things we touch on his role in Alpha Rift as well as his newest film, The Wrath of Becky!

5.52: Five Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

It is hard to believe, but it has now been 5 years since we started this show! In this episode Ken and Richard celebrate the road travelled thus far. In addition, they give some of their favorite snippets from a few past episodes including interviews with actors Stephen Tobolowsky, John Glover, Christian Kane, Mark Pellegrino, Gabriel Jarret, Stuart Pankin, Peter Jason, and Janet Varney as well as Comic Creator Jimmy Palmiotti and producer/director Dean Devlin!

5.49: Interview with Gisela Adisa

Everyone loves a good musical and to me, 1776 is one of the best! In this episode, we have the good fortune of speaking with Gisela Adisa who performs the lead role of John Adams in this 2023 national revival tour! I think our talk is General Lee pretty great!

5.48: Interview with James Moses Black

The amazing James Moses Black returns to the show to fill us in on what’s going on with his new film Renfield! This may be short, but it is super sweet!

5.46: Interview with Griff Furst

We welcome to the show actor and producer Griff Furst! This man of many talents shares a little of what it was like growing up the son of well known actor Stephen Furst as well as some highlights from his noteworthy career thus far including a bit about his newest project Devil’s Peak!

5.44: Interview with Jonas Barranca

The Pudding Guys have a treat for you in this episode! We welcome the delightful and talented Jonas Barranca to talk about his career and his newest film Townhouse Confidential! This gentleman is quite the card and has some fantastic stories!

5.42: Interview with Lee Tyler

Actor Lee Tyler drops by to talk to us about his new film Townhouse Confidential. We also talk about how a Bad Guru can be a good thing!

5.40: Interview with actress Samantha Simone

This week Ken sits down with the talented and funny Samantha Simone! We talk history, acting in interesting circumstances and most importantly we talk about her new film: Townhouse Confidential!

5.37: Interview with Justin Berti

The Pudding Guys welcome to the show the talented model and actor, Justin Berti! He regales us with a few stories that include his time in Japan and of course his new film Divorce Bait!

5.32: Interview with Paul Sidhu

In this episode we get the exciting opportunity to sit down with international actor/writer/producer Paul Sidhu! Not only do we get to learn a little about his unique road into the industry, but we also learn about his new project Repeater!

5.30: Interview with Erik Fellows

Actor Erik Fellows returns to the show to fill us in on what’s been happening the last couple of years and to talk about his new film Divorce Bait!

5.23: Interview with Martin Harris

Actor Martin Harris visits the show to talk about his newest projects (Stranger Things, Amsterdam, The Gray Man) as well as what it was like transitioning from reporting to acting!

5.21: Interview with Sumalee Montano

In this episode, Ken sits down with one of the great voice actors in the industry today, Sumalee Montano! Whether you are a fan of animated shows or video games you have likely heard this talented woman’s voice. Not only that, but she has been featured in numerous live action shows and movies like ‘Star Trek: Picard’, ‘Critical Role’, ‘The Lost Symbol’ and ‘This is Us’! We also get the low down on her new film ‘The Deal’ which is on Roku right now!

5.18: Interview with Cody Renee Cameron

In this episode Ken sits down with the talented Cody Renee Cameron! Whether you see her modelling, acting, doing stunt work or just pursuing her love of motorcycles, you can’t help but get a sense of the fun she brings with her everywhere!

5.17: Interview with Leonard Pigg

The Pudding Guys get the chance to sit down with a local legend and good friend, Leonard Pigg! He shares a little about his current projects as well as what it is like to commentate in a local wrestling circuit!

5.14: Interview with Janet Varney

The voice of an Avatar drops by to talk with the Pudding Guys! Actress Janet Varney stops by and graces us with some of her time and some stories from behind the scenes of many of her shows and movies over the years of course including The Legend of Korra!