5.14: Interview with Janet Varney

The voice of an Avatar drops by to talk with the Pudding Guys! Actress Janet Varney stops by and graces us with some of her time and some stories from behind the scenes of many of her shows and movies over the years of course including The Legend of Korra!

5.12: Interview with Kayla Adams

It has often been said that skydiving is a special kind of magic. Don’t ask who says that, just accept the premise! Anyway, Ken gets the chance to talk with actress Kayla Adams about her new movie Hex which is about skydiving! and curses! Take a listen and find out about a really fun person in the movie making community and what it is like walking (or flying) a day in her shoes!

5.06: Interview with Jaiden Kaine

This episode features an interview with an actor who has a scintillating personality and plenty of charisma that comes straight through the screen when seeing him in productions like The Vampire Diaries or Luke Cage! Jaiden Kaine graces us with his presence and shares some fantastic stories from his life as an accomplished actor!

5.04: Interview with Adele Pomerenke

Adele Pomerenke comes back to talk with the pudding guys about some of her more recent work including her exciting role in the second season of Star Trek Picard!

5.03: Interview with D.P. Brown

In this next exciting installment of our long running series of ‘Please Listen to Us Talk to Cool People,’ we speak with D.P. Brown about his new comic book project ‘The Theme of Thieves’! This is a great chance to learn about an independent creator and then check out his story!

5.01: Interview with Stuart Sayger

It’s the first episode of Season 5! We welcome back a good friend of the show, comic book artist and creator, Stuart Sayger to discuss his newest project, Shiver In The Dark.

4.52: Interview with Stuart Pankin & Peter Jason

In the final episode of our 4th year, Ken sits down with veteran actors Stuart Pankin and Peter Jason! We delve into some of their great roles over the years and talk about their new film, Deep in the Forest, coming out May 31st!

4.50: Recap of Fan Expo Cleveland 2022

The Pudding guys cover what happened this year at Fan Expo Cleveland! Among other things, we get a chance to talk with Fan Expo PR Manager, Jerry Milani, and portions of panels from actors Mark Sheppard and Janet Varney!

4.34: Interview with Gabriel Jarret

Ken seizes the unique opportunity to speak with actor Gabriel Jarret (Real Genius, The American President, Apollo 13) about his career. Get a look behind the curtain on some incredible movies and a chance to better know a great talent.

4.28: Interview with Colleen Foy

Ken sits down with Colleen Foy to discuss her career in acting, what it’s like to make an appearance on Sesame Street, and her current show, Station 19.

4.24: Interview with Tony Winters

Ken has a lively talk with veteran actor, Tony Winters. They discuss highlights of his career and his upcoming film, National Champions, in which he stars alongside J.K. Simmons, Timothy Olyphant, and Kristin Chenoweth.

4.21: Interview with Judi Beecher

Ken chats with actress Judi Beecher! Among other things we talk about her newest film Tango Shalom; the first film in history produced as a joint collaboration with The Vatican, a Hasidic Synagogue, a Sikh Temple, and a Mosque.

4.20: Interview with Ebin Antony

In this episode, Ken speaks with actor Ebin Antony! We talk about differences between the industry in India and the United States, voice over work, and his newest film, Spoken.

4.14: Interview with James Moses Black

In this episode, Ken sits down with actor James Moses Black to talk about S.O.Z (Soldados o Zombies) and Comedy Queenpins, his upcoming movie projects, as well as his history in the movie industry.

4.12: Interview with Laura Niemi

Ken talks with Laura Niemi, actor of stage and screen, about her career; including her roles on FireFly, Castle, This is Us, and her new play, Pool Boy.

Season 4: Episode 7

Happy Friday Pudding People! Today, we sit down with producer and co-founder of Electric Entertainment, Rachel Olschan! Among other things we talk about the upcoming Leverage Redemption show!

Season 4: Episode 5

For our next trick, Ken sits down to talk movies and magic with actor Gene Silvers. We assure you, it’s an enchanting conversation!

Season 4: Episode 3

In this episode, we have the unique opportunity to get a look at what it’s like to work in the world of public relations. Listen along as Ken talks with the fantastic Jill Goldstein, of JGoldsteinPR!

Season 4: Episode 1

It’s a new season, and what better way to kick it off than a conversation with one of our favorite guests, the extraordinary, Dean Devlin! Our discussion centers on the upcoming new show Leverage: Redemption, premiering on IMDbTV, July 9th.

Season 3: Episode 52

In our final episode of Season 3, we have the good fortune to talk shop with actor Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Dexter, Supernatural)! We touch on many of his interesting roles over his career, as well as his new charitable project.