5.13: GenCon 2022

Another August has come and gone, as has the best 4 days in gaming: GenCon! What did this King of gaming conventions have to offer us in 2022? What were the ups and the downs? The Pudding Guys get out their score pad and do the math!

4.19: The Experience of GenCon 2021

It’s been an long wait, but live events, such as GenCon, The Best Four Days in Gaming™ are beginning to make their return to our lives. Today, we talk about the experience of GenCon 2021 with long time gamer and friend, Frank Epperson. What was it like to be live again after a year absence? How did the new safety measures do? What new games tickled our fancy?

Season 2: Episode 49

Join us as we discuss some of our favorite digital tools for staying connected in this trying time. Now that we have time to enjoy them more, we describe some of our favorite board games, and we continue our journey through the history of comic book movies, with Punisher: War Zone, from 2008!

Season 2: Episode47

Hey there Pudding People! This Friday we come to you with a discussion about some fun tools that can help us game with friends that we can’t currently visit, a couple of less popular albums by a great metal band and we finish up comic movies from 2007!

Season 2: Episode 38

Hey there Pudding People! Today we have a great episode featuring a discussion with our new gaming correspondent @GamingWScott! We also talk about how movies have affected us throughout life and continue the history of comic book movies with Garfield 2!