6.42: Top 10 Bands with a Perfect 3 Album Run

Ever heard a perfect album by any artist? Ever heard three in a row? Well that is what this episode is about as your hosts gush over 10 bands they each think had a run of three perfect albums!

6.38: Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands

In this episode Ken and Richard take on the wonderfully difficult task of ranking the top 10 Heavy Metal Bands of all time! It’s a screaming good time!

6.18: Top 10 Chris Cornell Songs of All Time

Richard and Ken lay out what they think are the absolute pinnacle of Chris Cornell’s amazing musical career. These are the top 10 songs from any iteration of any band he was a part of arrange by taste and interpreted importance and not necessarily commercial success.

5.41: Top 10 Guitarists of all time

Ken and Richard tackle a topic that has been debated by millions of music fans over the years: Who are the best 10 guitarists of all time? Our picks will now put this discussion to rest! Or probably not. Fun will be had either way!

5.19: Top Ten Animated Films to Date (part 1)

Ken and Richard tackle the arduous (some would say impossible) task of ranking our top ten favorite animated films to date.  There was so much good stuff to talk about, it will take 2 episodes to finish!

4.32: Top 10 New Year’s Films

To wrap up the year, we thought it would be fun to rank our Top 10 favorite films that are at least New Year’s adjacent. Time to break out the bubbly!

4.11: Favorite Cover Songs

Seeing one musician’s art interpreted by another is often a wonderful experience. This episode, Ken and Richard discuss their top 10 favorite covers.

Season 4: Episode 6

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than robots, spaceships, time travel, and explosions. So, in celebration of the things that make the genre great, Ken and Richard gush over their Top !0 favorite Sci-Fi films! 

Season 3: Episode 35

The Pudding Guys invite back a good friend of the show: Linzi Gray! Also joining us is our normally behind-the-scenes team member, Rhonda Seymour. Listen along as we have a rousing round table discussion about a selection of our favorite female-led films!

Season 3: Episode14

Ken and Richard reminisce about one of the premier action stars of the late ’90’s and 2000’s: Wesley Snipes. Each lays out what they consider to be his Top 5 productions. 

Season 3: Episode 13

The Pudding Guys and guest host Delvin Cox (The Delvin Cox Experience) discuss and reminisce about their favorite wrestling finishing moves over the years. Take a listen, ’cause Stone Cold said so! (Okay, maybe not, but listen anyway!)

Season 3: Episode 10

Continuing the discussion that began in episode eight of this season, this episode is the second part of an examination of the Top 10 (living) comedians for The Pudding guys and Jared Thompson (owner of The Comedy Attic).

Season 3: Episode 8

The Pudding guys invite their friend Jared Thompson (owner of The Comedy Attic) to join them for a discussion of personal ‘Top 10’ living comedians. This topic is so big, it’s going to take two episodes to cover!

Season 2: Episode 34

There have been so many epic sports movies, it would be impossible to rank them. Well, we did anyway, with the help of our friend from the Comedy Attic (Bloomington Indiana), Jared Thompson!

Season 2: Episode 30

‘Tis the Season! Listen along as Ken and Richard conduct a spirited discussion of their Top 10 favorite Christmas movies.