Blade 2

Much like the first film, I think a preface is in order for this count. There are two strains of the vampire virus in this film and they affect death in the same way. If the victim is infected, it is possible for them to sustain sufficient injuries in the process to reach a death state, but then revive as the virus mutates them. It is also possible to become infected but not receive enough damage to perish, but just become the vampire/reaper later.

3:02 Nomak drains and kills 3 vampires in blood clinic

5:24 Blade shoots and kills 2 vampires

5:38 And another 2

6:38 And another

7:51 Blade beheads one with a sliver garotte

9:11 He shoots 3 more vampires

9:47 And another

10:00 Blade stakes a vampire

10:15 And another

10:25 And another

10:33 And another

10:39 And another (really is a good fight scene)

29:50 Novak eats a drug dealer

40:01 Random victim drained in the night club (This is right before a big fight scene)

46:21 Vampire shot and killed in the fore-frame in a blink and you’ll miss it way

46:26 And another

46:33 Three more caught in the crossfire

50:20 Scud kills a reaper with sun lamps. (wonder what happened to the other 3)

51:30 Reinhardt gets a reaper

56:12 Priest is shot, his head partially cut off and then killed with sunlight (the shooting kills him then he turns reaper and is killed again)

1:00:00 Reaper dies in blade’s prison room off screen

1:10:46 Snowman killed by the Lighthammer reaper

1:12:25 Verlaine and Lighthammer die to sunlight

1:13:38 Asad taken down by 5 reapers

1:14:17 Blade kills 4 of them (where did the 5th go?)

1:15:41 Chupa killed by a group of reapers

1:16:46 Blade light grenades 27 and 1 around a corner?

1:18:10 Reinhardt dismembers a reaper

1:18:28 The big light bomb goes off killing 53 reapers at least

1:26:48 Scud explodes

1:30:28 Nomak takes out a squad of at least 20 guards. (changes in camera angle make this a difficult count)

1:31:06 Lawyer shot

1:33:08 Nomak kills 10 guards off screen trying to get to Damaskinos

1:35:29 Large fight sequence where Blade kills 25 guards (hard to tell for sure because the edit of the shots don’t match numbers in the background to the ones Blade encounters in the foreground) He also slices Reinhardt in half

1:39:54 Nomak kills Damaskinos

1:45:38 Nomak dies

1:47:55 Nyssa dies

1:49:11 Rush is killed by Blade at the end of the film


Total: 183

This kill count while pretty solid, misses quite a few. Can’t really blame counts being off on this film too much. The camera angle changes make it really difficult in spots.

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding