Blade Trinity

This count is a little complicated. Unlike the previous two movies in the series, the concept of whether a person is considered dead doesn’t really present as a problem, but the choppy editing techniques and odd combat choices make counting the kills nearly impossible in a couple of spots.

3:40 Dracula beheads a vampire

6:53 Vampire explodes flying out of a warehouse

7:01 Blade kills another vampire

7:48 Blade explodes one in it’s car

7:57 Blade kills 3 in hand to hand

9:48 Blade shoots a vamp in his car and then one on his car

10:18 UV headlights kills a vamp

12:16 Blade kills a human pretending to be a vamp

15:17 Dracula is shown feeding on and killing a woman, but exposition reveals this is his 5th

21:35 Whistler’s Daughter kills 2 vamps with a foot blade

22:27 She gets two more with a laser and arm blade

23:58 This is where the FBI raid Blade’s hideout. It is pretty unclear whether Whistler’s shots are lethal or not, but since the warehouse explodes at the end, I expect they are dead as is Whistler. (10 total FBI guys down)

35:48 Hannibal  King gets 2 vamps in the police station

38:60 Hannibal shoots a cop

38:20 Vampires shoot 2 cops

38:45 Whistler’s daughter shoots a vamp and then UV arrows another

39:35 She gets one with a drill arrow

50:34 Dracula kills 2 goth wannabes

56:30 Nightstalkers kill a familiar. This caps a very chaotic cut of them confronting and fighting several familiars. No kills are shown, but we can assume pretty safely that they were killed. Problem is, there is no way to get any decent count as to how many there were because of how it was cut. Could be as low as 5 or as many as 20. We will just skip those due to uncertainty.

58:20 Dracula kills Vance

1:09:32 Whistler’s daughter shoots a vamp

1:12:20 Blade shoots the chief of police

1:16:06 Two of the Nightstalkers shown dead

1:17:08 Cloe killed by Dracula

1:36:38 This is where the final fight sequence occurs continuing through about 1:41:00. There is a small issue with this fight as there are several guards whose status as human or vampire cannot be determined, but more importantly, the combat between them and the group rarely shows a lethal blow to them. At the end of the movie we see a few on the ground, but again no definitive numbers. The method I used was to only count those guards that clearly receive lethal damage.¬† In this fight Whistler’s daughter kills 4 and Blade kills 21 between vampires and guards.

1:44:16 Whistler’s daughter kills the brother vampire and 2 others

1:45:06 Hannibal kills the HHH vampire

1:48:24 Blade injects Dracula with the virus resulting in 6 surrounding vampires dying in the next scene.

1:50:33 Dracula finally dies


Total: 84

This kill count only reaches 60, but I think that is because it is only focusing on the protagonists.

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding