I think it is important to note before we begin what counts as a kill. This is a sticky area in any movie dealing with vampires or zombies. I think it pertains to what creates the monster in question and how it is defined within the realm of each film or tv setting. Blade categorizes the thing that creates vampires as a virus that essentially mutates the victim. There is no real mystical component to that part, even though they bring in the mystical elements at the end of the film. So when a target turns, they are still that same person, just with a newfound hunger and way to continue living. However, in this instance it does cause the cessation, albeit briefly, of all life functions (respiration, pulse, etc.). This I think constitutes a kill. It is kind of the equivalent of having a heart attack and being brought back with paddles.

1:32 Blade’s mom dies. You hear the flatline.

7:20-9:40 The first big fight scene happens here 21 vampires die, mostly by sword, stake and shotgun including Traci Lords’ character ending in a bit of mild torture

13:22 Curtis drained

40:20 Random vampire kills random person

46:48 Deacon kills his cop stooge

54:54 After a firefight we see 6 guards on the floor. I will assume that these are human familiars

55:24 Explosion appears to take out another 9 though by the time Blade confronts Quinn in the subway tunnel, he is surrounded by goons again. I think reinforcements arrived. Even though there is only the one tunnel we see. Blade shoots 4 of them down. Then there is reinforcements again. Train takes out 2.

1:04:58 Vampire leader dies to sun

1:14:00 Whistler shoots one attacker then another

1:18:44 Whistler appears to shoot himself to avoid becoming a vampire, but just becomes a vampire

1:23:30 This is the beginning of the next big fight scene. Blade takes out 9 guys with machine gun fire then 3 with a shotgun

1:24:39 Blade takes out 2 vamps with edta hypos

1:39:37 Deacon’s lady friend kills a vampire

1:44:44 Guard shot off the top of the structure

1:45:17 Blade kills his mother and then the 12 vampires downstairs die absorbed by Deacon

1:47:03 Blade beheads Quinn (the following combat scene has Blade take down multiple assailants, but not everything looks like a kill. Unless I see ashes from vampire or clear lethal force, it will not be counted)

1:47:46 Blade slits the throat of a guy with his fingernails?

1:48:0 Blade kills another vampire

1:48:25 He stabs 2 guys with the broken end of a shovel

1:48:54 Head explodes from vampire mace

1:49:33 He gets 2 more as he retrieves his sword

1:52:35 Deacon explodes


Total: 88


This Kill count has nearly the same number as mine, though a couple less I think because they might have missed a few guards since some of the scenes are very chaotic.

This one is similarly close having a couple more than mine, I think because they counted a couple interactions as kills that I did not consider a lethal takedown.

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Everybody Loves Pudding