Thor: The Dark World

1:17 Here begins the opening battle sequence that has numerous deaths.  Each ship that falls likely contains hundreds of elves and causes deaths to the Asgardians below, but in many instances, the specific death counts are just not possible. We will attempt to get as specific as possible though. We start with 2 columns of 10 elves killed by a combination of energy landing and Asgardians gutting them. Then in the melee we can see another 7 elves and 3 Asgardians killed before the group Asgardians with the laser walks out of the light. When the Kursed arrive there are another 3 Asgardians killed by them before we see the discs appear. We then see Malekith kill 3 Asgardians and his helper kill 1. Then after the power is stolen we see 7 Dark elves killed and another 2 Asgardians. Subtotal: 46

6:20 Another battle where before the fight with the big guy we only see 7 likely to confirmed kills

8:27 Thor destroys the rock giant

38:14 Kursed explodes killing 4 guys in his cell

39:01 Kursed kills 2 Asgardian guards

40:25 Fandril slices a prisoner

40:49 Thor decks a prisoner

40:56 Thor breaks the neck of a prisoner the decks another in the chest with his hammer

42:23 Heimdall takes down a ship that we can assume has at least 2 Elves in it

43:18 Elves take out a manned gun

43:31 An Asgardian .. boat? Goes down which we can again assume has at least 2 in it.

43:37 Asgardian boat takes down an elf ship for another 2 which then gets taken out itself for another 2

44:03 Elf ship flies into a shield for 2 more

44:15 You can see the Kursed has killed 6 Asgardian guards

44:52 An elf ship crashes into an opening of the Asgardian capitol taking out 43 Asgardians in its path

45:49 Elves leave the ship to attack Asgardians killing 27 Asgardians and losing 1 Elf though when you get a pan out in a few minutes over Odin’s shoulder you can count at least 33 bodies on the ground at least 10 of which are elves

46:53 Odin kills an Elf

47:12 Malekith kills a guard

48:28 Frigga dies

50:40 At the funeral you can count at least 117 ships alight other than Frigga’s, so we know at least that many died during the battle

1:17:34 Thor takes out 3 Elves

1:18:25 Loki takes out an Elf

1:19:12 He takes out the other 3 (it looks like more because of the editing, but it is only a total of 4 in this fight)

1:19:56 Loki takes out the Kursed

1:32:57 Big beastie kills an elf

1:33:12 Intern kills 4 Elves

1:37:53 Big ship kills Malekith


Total: 211

Here is an alternate kill count. They seem to over estimate kills in most places, but ignore counting the number of funeral boats for the Asgardians after the attack on the City.

Carnage Counts does basically the same thing.

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding