Iron Man 3

This kill count will be somewhat difficult due to the nature of the extremis soldiers being as durable and regenerative as they are. I will tend to err on the side of live vs. die on attacks due to this.

8:14 Six people maybe executed by gunfire (due to the way AIM handles things it isn’t entirely possible to be sure but we will assume it was just staged)

25:48 Extremis user explodes taking 4 people with him (As proved by the burn in shadows.)

37: Tony takes out a helicopter with a piano (pilot only)

37:21 He takes out another by throwing and shooting a missile

54:10 Extremis lady kills a sheriff and deputy (as a funny note she takes a shotgun from a guy to shoot at Tony, but due to editing you don’t see a kill and you don’t see what happens to him at all)

56:04 Explosion kills Extremis lady

1:01:17 It shows Slattery shooting a guy, but in the credits you see he was fine

1:07:10 Video of an Extremis guy blowing up

1:08:52 Killian breaks a guy’s neck

1:13:40 Tony shoots and blows up 2 guards (the others were disposed of non lethal)

1:23:22 Killian shoots Mya

1:27:52 One guard shoots another in crossfire

1:28:00 Tony redirects gunfire to a guard

1:29:17 Rhody shoots a guard and then another

1:32:52 Extremis guy in armor kills a guy on the plane and shoots 3 others. The others injured did not look like it would necessarily be a kill

1:34:45 Tony gets an Extremis guy with his chest weapon

1:43:08 Armor explodes taking an extremis out with it

1:43:47 It happens again

1:44:39 Two more extremis probably taken out by a combination of 2 suits

1:46:15 Another probably taken out by repulsors

1:47:29 A couple of soldiers fall, then a container fall and explodes on them

1:53:51 Pepper finishes Killian off with ordinance


Total: probably 32

Here are a few other kill counts.  In general they are too liberal with kills in my opinion considering the durability of the targets. Body Count, Bubble Gum, Every Death

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding