Iron Man 3

This kill count will be somewhat difficult due to the nature of the extremis soldiers being as durable and regenerative as they are. I will tend to err on the side of live vs. die on attacks due to this.

8:14 Six people maybe executed by gunfire (due to the way AIM handles things it isn’t entirely possible to be sure but we will assume it was just staged)

25:48 Extremis user explodes taking 4 people with him (As proved by the burn in shadows.)

37: Tony takes out a helicopter with a piano (pilot only)

37:21 He takes out another by throwing and shooting a missile

54:10 Extremis lady kills a sheriff and deputy (as a funny note she takes a shotgun from a guy to shoot at Tony, but due to editing you don’t see a kill and you don’t see what happens to him at all)

56:04 Explosion kills Extremis lady

1:01:17 It shows Slattery shooting a guy, but in the credits you see he was fine

1:07:10 Video of an Extremis guy blowing up

1:08:52 Killian breaks a guy’s neck

1:13:40 Tony shoots and blows up 2 guards (the others were disposed of non lethal)

1:23:22 Killian shoots Mya

1:27:52 One guard shoots another in crossfire

1:28:00 Tony redirects gunfire to a guard

1:29:17 Rhody shoots a guard and then another

1:32:52 Extremis guy in armor kills a guy on the plane and shoots 3 others. The others injured did not look like it would necessarily be a kill

1:34:45 Tony gets an Extremis guy with his chest weapon

1:43:08 Armor explodes taking an extremis out with it

1:43:47 It happens again

1:44:39 Two more extremis probably taken out by a combination of 2 suits

1:46:15 Another probably taken out by repulsors

1:47:29 A couple of soldiers fall, then a container fall and explodes on them

1:53:51 Pepper finishes Killian off with ordinance


Total: probably 32

Here are a few other kill counts.  In general they are too liberal with kills in my opinion considering the durability of the targets. Body Count, Bubble Gum, Every Death