The Suicide Squad

The first thing to consider in the death count of this film is that the big bad guy at the end works a little different than it’s comic book counterpart. Unlike the comics (as stated by some exposition in the movie) as soon as the starfish attaches itself to the host, the host is killed.

9:00 Blackguard is shot in the face

9:25 Harley blows up 3 soldiers with a rocket

9:54 Flag shoots 3 soldiers

10:53 A helicopter is brought down by Mongal which kills both pilots, 3 soldiers on the ground, Captain Boomerang and Mongal herself

11:17 T.D.K. is shot

12:14 Savant has his head blown up

The family of the dictator is shown dead which happens well before the movie starts so does not count.

26:38 Javelin dies from his gunshots

33:37 King Shark eats a rebel

33:57 Rebel hit with axe from Peacemaker then he slices one, 3 hit with slingshot by Bloodsport

34:27 Bloodsport Garrotes a rebel as Peacemaker slits one’s throat and then stabs a sleeping guy

34:37 Bloodsport kills 3 guys with a yoyo. (we don’t actually see all 3 die here, but since they have been tasked with killing everyone and are complying, we can assume it happens)

34:52 Peacemaker kills 3 with blow darts

35:11 Bloodsport sets 2 on fire (Peacemaker helps kill one by shooting it)

35:21 Peacemaker shoots a rebel

35:33 Bloodsport causes rebel to be electrocuted

34:50 Peacemaker shoots a rebel over his shoulder

36:07 Polkadot man takes out 2 rebels in a tower

39:55 We see video of Starro killing 3 astronauts. This happens before the movie begins, so does not count

47:58 Harley shoots the ‘presidente’ (finally bleeds out at 49:33)

53:40 Five soldiers shot in front of vehicle and 3 to the sides the Killer shark eats a soldier

58:01 We see a flashback of Ratcatcher dying, but this happens before the movie so does not count.

1:04:45 Ratcatcher kills a soldier with a rat choking him.

1:06:34 Bloodsport, Peacemaker and Flag each kill a soldier with 1 hit

1:06:48 Peacemaker shoots the driver

1:07:21 Peacemaker smashes head of a soldier repeatedly into the roof of the vehicle

1:11:24 Harley breaks the neck of a soldier with her legs.

1:12:01 Harley shoots 3 soldiers

1:12:11 She gets 18 more in a circle of shoots coolness

1:12:46 She breaks the neck of a soldier with her dress. (there is a fight scene here where she has several strikes to soldiers that are not confirmable for a kill)

1:13:00 She kills a soldier by repeatedly bashing his head with a steel door

1:13:05 She causes a soldier to stab himself then stabs another

1:13:14 Harley slits the throat of a soldier

1:13:38 Harley lights up at least 12 soldiers with M16s

1:14:05 She kills one with the javelin and then another 10

1:19:44 Arrow to the eye of a soldier and then another 3 get hit

1:19:51 Flag shoots 4

1:19:58 Peacemaker slices up 5

1:20:13 King Shark rips a soldier in half

1:23:37 At this point we see a number of individuals in cages with starros attached to their faces. This means they were dead before the movie began and do not count.

1:29:29 Starro rips Thinker apart

1:31:44 Peacemaker stabs Flag in the heart

1:35:22 Milton is shot by the soldiers and then Polka dot man kills them (2)

1:36:48 Bloodsport shoots a soldier

1:36:59 Polka accidently blows up 5 soldiers

1:37:23 Soldier in the ops room blows up

1:38:02 Explosion takes out 10 soldiers standing in front of the tower and then 5 more with debris that were standing farther back

1:39:24 Shark bites the head off a soldier

1:40:24 Rocks fall killing 2 soldiers, then another 2

1:44:24 From this point to 1:45:39 Starro takes out all of the soldiers surrounding the base except for the squad. At 1:42:49 we get a good aerial shot of the tower and its surroundings. From the areas we can see, the top right section had about 46 soldiers in it, the right 8, the bottom right 386, the road connected to it 43, the bottom left 4, the left 191 and the top left 126. There were also at least 19 vehicles which we can assume had at least a driver in it. That makes a total of 823 soldiers taken over.

1:45:59 soldier is killed at the captiol

1:46:13 The rebels kill the 6 generals

1:47:37 Starro kills 8 soldiers

1:47:47 It kills another 3

1:48:26 Starro steps on 2 pedestrians and releases another group of face covers. It is difficult to get a specific number, so we will just list what we can verify

1:48:39 Four faces covered

1:48:47 Starro destroys a building with at least 3 people in it and sends a 4th flying

1:51:10 Starro walks through a building killing at least the 2 people we can see on the second floor

1:51:46 Starro steps on 5 pedestrians

1:52:12 Starro drops someone from about 8 stories up

1:53:45 Starro crushes Polka

1:54:16 We see a wide shot from behind a grid where Bloodsport is facing off against the infected, of which there are at least 14 pedestrians we have not thus far seen

1:54:32-33 We get a shot during the fight where we see at least 12 more from a different angle

1:54:53 We see an angle where Ratcatcher is on a car surrounded by 13 more

1:54:56 We get the best shot wide from the street where we can see all pedestrians, at least 62 infected

1:57:44 Harley stabs Starro in the eye (actual death finishes at 1:59:06)


Total: 1113

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