Death Count Definitions for Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Definitions of terms and what is included:

This log is intended to be a basic document to primarily keep track of the mortality rate relating to the Buffy related series of shows and movies.  It will also keep track of some of the more important notes related to the plot of the show.  Protagonists and Antagonists are not a direct parallel to the normal definition of the words.  Protagonists include characters that appear more than twice and have an important impact on the plot of the show or movie and are at least friendly to the scoobies/Angel’s friends.  Antagonists include characters that appear more than twice and have an important impact on the plot of the show and have at least a somewhat adversarial role to the above groups.  It is possible to switch from one to the other and instances of this happening will be notated with the episode in which it occurs.  FEATURED MONSTERS are pretty self-explanatory.  Major Character Deaths are those big characters lost along the journey.  Over plot is a general description of the.. well.. over plot as it goes and potentially changes through the season.  Minor deaths are those somewhat random unfortunates that die as part of the episode.  This is capped with a Bystander Kill Count and then the non-bystanders of the episode killed are capped by Killed/Destroyed/Banished Count.  Notes contain everything else including the manner of death of the FEATURED MONSTERS and other stuff of importance.


It is important to note what is considered a kill for this list and falls under the following definition: The death must occur during the show itself.  So if Giles is describing the history of who died as a result of the entity they are currently hunting in their location 100 years ago, those described deaths do not count.  Deaths that happen during the episode off screen and described by exposition do count.  There will be instances where the number of deaths is unknown, but at least at the time of this writing, there is a definable range of where those deaths fall.  They will be described in a numerical range like 1-3 and will be described in the notes of the specific episode they occur within as to why it is a range.  It is also important to note that the show defines that the soul exists and leaves the body to another dimension when the body expires. Because the body uses the same name as the dead person when they become a vampire, we will put that in () after the name when they get vamped.


Lastly I want to include a couple of notes about the creature types. In this universe Vampires are a kind of Demon and normally I would include them in that classification, but they are a diluted form and prominently featured, so get their own category. Also, any magic user that shows up will fall into the category of Witch. There is not a clear definition to separate they kinds of magic users, so this is the easiest manner to label them. So, even though Jenny Calendar says she isn’t one in her first appearance, for the purposes of this list she is. Also, this trait will only be assigned to those that regularly show this skill. Giles uses magic on occasion, but never regularly and does not rely on it. Altered Humans are any psychics, mystically imbued or otherwise empowered.

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