The Old Guard

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

(Each instance of a ‘death’ of the immortals will be counted as biological functions cease, they essentially just come back to life)

10:27 two lookouts sniped

11:15 two guards killed by sword

11:22 two guards shot

12:30 shows the four protagonists shot down (this is in the opening of the film)

13:59 they all get up and kill the 12 assailants

20:55 Nile’s throat slit (she gets up later)by the guy as he dies

32:35 Nile shot and dies again

46:05 flashback to an immortal (Mykon) dying

48:52 shows flashback of Quynh dying the first time

49:21 shows flashback of Andy axing a guy on horseback and on the ground(note there are bodies on the ground in the flashback, but as they were dead before the period of time of the flashback, they will not be counted)

49:22 shows flashback of Quynh shooting a guy with a bow

49:26 they both get 4 more in the flashback

49:43 Andy and Quynh hung

51:26 Quynh is drowned (this would normally count as multiple deaths as confirmed through exposition, though they don’t say how many, so we will just count it once.)

53:58 Booker is shown dead

56:31 Andy takes out a squad of 6 (multiple angles make this one hard, but confirmed through screen watch of Copley coupled with entry scene to church)

57:10 off screen Any takes out another squad of at least 6, though the number is not verifiable through the entry scene where you can only see 3, when they leave through the church there are at least 12 bodies on the ground

57:20 Andy headshots 2 more

1:00:08 four guards killed off screen in transport van

1:33:13 Nile shot dead again

1:33:34 Nile kills 3 guards

1:35:36 three more guards shot

1:37:12 two more guards

1:37:15 and another 2

1:37:17 and another 2

1:37:21 another guard bites it

1:37:25 guard shot

1:37:26 another 3

1:37:31 another 2

1:37:47 another 2

1:37:51 another

1:37:55 another 2

1:39:23 Nicky killed again

1:39:47 Andy axes a guard

1:39:50 and another

1:40:10 another guard down

1:43:11 headshot to a guard

1:43:14 and another

1:43:30 Andy’s pistol takes out another

1:43:40 Joe breaks the neck of the guard captain

1:46:09 Andy and Nile kill Merrick


Total: 90


I have only found a single other kill count for this movie so far here.  It does not count the immortal’s deaths, but even not counting those, it still seems to miss several only clocking in at 60.

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Everybody Loves Pudding