Iron Man

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

2:33 Lead vehicle in caravan blown up (we can assume at least 1 person in it)

2:42 Driver of Tony’s vehicle

2:49 Front passenger of vehicle shot

2:58 Soldier in back with Tony shot

3:04 We can see 3 killed in rear vehicle

33:35 Two soldiers killed in door explosion

35:38 Stark punches guy across room into rock

35:50 Stark gets two more into the wall and then a third with a punch

36:13 Slams a guy charging him and then punches a guy 40 ft

36:19 Backhand makes a guy somersault and land on his neck

36:43 Guy gets hammered off screen behind a door

36:54 Guy gets buried by the same door

36:58 Another backhand right before getting stuck

37:05 Guy accidentally shoots self in the head off a ricochet from the armor

38:28 Yensen dies

At this point several people get set on fire, but that is not something that will outright kill a target and there are several that we do not see the final disposition of.

39:23 Soldier sent flying in explosion

40:06 Another soldier engulfed in explosion

1:15:00 (approximately) Family of 3 gunned down in house

1:17:29 Soldier punched over a building

1:17:31 Soldier repulsored into a wall

1:17:34 Another repolusored and then another into weapons crates

1:17:51 Six soldiers shot with shoulder weapons

1:18:28 Iron Man flies away leaving the commander at the mercy of the people, it is unlikely they let him live but we don’t see it, so 0-1 on this particular instance

1:18:58 Iron Man destroys a Stark Industries tank stolen by the 10 rings.  Comparing to similar tanks of it’s size the crew complement should be approximately 4

1:19:10 Iron Man destroys a set of Jericho missiles.  There were 7 soldiers near it and it appears that two of them made it into a building before the explosion, so might have survived let’s call this 5 then.

1:28:15 Stane’s mercenaries shoot all of the 10 Rings guards (20 by my count).  We can expect that they also killed the commander, but cannot be completely sure, so another 0-1.

1:44:20 Stane slams an agent with a backhand and follows through to get 2 more with a hook that causes a small explosion

1:46:21 When Stane grabs the motorcycle, the driver goes flying head first at what looks like at least 40mph.

1:52:30 Stane is electrocuted


Total: 69-71


Here is a link to the carnage count. It estimates 3 in the lead vehicle at the beginning (though there is not footage to confirm this).  It also counts all of the soldiers near the flame throwers, though their kills cannot truly be confirmed as well as a group of soldiers that may or may not have been near enough to an explosion to be killed. It estimates slightly lower on the tank crew and misses a couple of soldiers killed by Stane’s thugs.

Here is another that makes nearly identical choices.

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Everybody Loves Pudding