The Incredible Hulk

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

1:34 Hulk knocks a military man through a door

14:50 The General confirms through exposition that 2 scientists and a guard were killed in that initial scene as well as 2 Canadian hunters

23:15 Bully gets grabbed and thrown way too far to survive

23:38 Second bully is grabbed

24:01 Two soldiers grabbed

25:12 Soldier flattened by soda tank and the second shortly after

52:45 Hulk topples an army vehicle with a gunner on top, it is uncertain if he survives

52:57 Hulk demolishes the other vehicle with 3 soldiers inside (There are cowering soldiers shooting that are near where he destroys the vehicle, but their life or death is uncertain.  There is an explosion with two vehicles shortly after, but they are clearly empty and none of the soldiers seem to be close enough to the explosion to have been taken out by it.)

57:24 crew of military helicopter killed by flying metal from the Hulk (generally 2)

1:26:52 Two soldiers thrown from building by Abomination (confirmed through exposition)

1:29:11 Four pedestrians(or cops?) downed by the Abomination

1:30:26 Abomination uses a taxi with driver inside to destroy 4 soldiers in their vehicle

1:32:47 Abomination sends a guy flying

When Ross’ helicopter goes down, several of the crew are out, but it is uncertain if they are alive.


Total: 29

This kill count was pretty close, but it counted an empty vehicle or two as kills as well as the questionable inclusion of the crew of the chopper that went down at the end of the movie.

Carnage counts is really close to mine, it just includes a couple of kills that weren’t really (like the knockout of the female military officer and misses some others).

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding