Supernatural, Season 12, Episode 1 (Keep Calm and Carry On)

Protagonists: Sam, Dean, Mary, Castiel

Major Antagonists: Toni, Crowley, Ketch

FEATURED CREATURES: Angel, Demon, Vampire, Human

Over Plot: Dean deals with mom being back from the dead and Sam being kidnapped

Major Character Deaths: None

Minor Deaths: Crowley finds body burned out by Angel, Demons find 3 more burned out, Demons hosts 2, police find another burned out husk

Notes: Vampire killed by Ketch, this is the first appearance of Arthur Ketch though all we see is a cross on the hand, Crowley kills 2 Demons, Mary kills one of the Men of Letters

Episode Bystander Kill Count: 7 humans

Killed/Destroyed/Banished Count: 1 Vampire, 2 Demons, 1 Human