The Eternals

We will be ignoring deviant kills in this count with the exception of the leader, as none of them show the level so cognition necessary to qualify. Also, we often don’t include flashbacks as part of the kill count as they are memories of what happened and are not actually happening during the point that the film or show is occurring. However, due to the millennia spanning timeframe of this story, the flashback kills will count. We will also have to use a range to count deaths in this movie as there is a level of uncertainty as to when some died whether within the confines of the story time frame or before.


3:16 Fisherman killed by a deviant

35:04 There is a battle in Tenochtitlan that has 5 deaths visible on screen between 2 individuals struck and 3 bodies on the ground

40:40 Towards the end of the battle when Druig uses his mind control we see 1 body though this is contained in the next count

41:34 We get a good pull out camera angle of the scene as Druig leaves where we can see 96 bodies on the ground (It is here that we are uncertain as to when the deaths occur)

1:01:47 Arisham shows Circi how the Deviants killed sentient life and we see them get 1

1:12:37 Deviants attack Druig’s camp and skewer a guy

1:15:07 Deviant whips a guy through a building

1:22:09 Gilgamesh dies

1:40:53 We get the flashback of where Ajak dies

2:06:07 The big deviant gets sliced up by Thena

2:10:59 The Eternals kill Tiamut


Total: 10-109

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding