Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2

For this count in large battle scenes we will consider the green flashes of light to be the killing curse as it is consistent with how it is portrayed through the rest of the series.

20:35 A goblin is fried by the dragon (soon after we see a group fall from a mine cart from a great height, but don’t see what happened to them so in a magical setting, they cannot be considered dead).

25:26 We see Voldemort walking amongst corpses at Gringots. We can see 25 on the ground including the goblin that had the sword of Gryffindor

38:32 We see 2 on the floor after the fight between Snape and McGonagall but it is unclear whether they are dead as McGonagall generally does not use lethal measures at this point.

51:19 We see 3 wizards disintegrate trying to rush through the shields surrounding Hogwarts

54:33 We see a dead ogre on the bridge

56:05 A Death Eater kills someone in the upper floors of the school

1:02:18 We see Goyle die in fire

1:04:00 Voldemort kills an underling for basically no reason

1:06:21 A Death eater kills a wizard standing next to Harry, Ron and Hermoine

1:06:31 We see a dead wizard on the steps

1:07:01 We see a werewolf feeding from the corpse of Lavender Brown

1:11:40 Snape dies

1:14:17 We see someone pronounced dead next to Professor Trelawney

1:14:37 We see 10 bodies on the floor in the makeshift infirmary including Fred

1:14:53 We see Professor Lupin and Nymphadora dead on the ground

1:15:01 We get a good reverse angle of the infirmary and can see 22 others on the ground

1:31:50 Harry Potter dies (probably? we will count it for now)

1:43:57 As the army charges the castle for the second time, we see a dead body on the ground (though this will be included in a later tally where we get a better view of the area)

1:44:06 We see another body on the ground and one slumped against the wall in the hallway that Harry is running down. (later we see the body of Lavender again in this area)

1:44:28 We see 3 more on the ground in the hallway as Harry gives chase

1:45:41 We see 4 more bodies on the staircase where Hermoine confronts Nagini

1:47:07 Molly Weasley kills Bellatrix

1:48:15 We get a view of the courtyard which was clear prior to the second assault. As Harry and Voldemort land we can see 17 bodies on the ground with the best view at 1:48:47 where their energy arcs connect

1:49:11 Neville kills Nagini

1:50:16 Voldemort dies


Total: 105

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding