Supernatural, Season 11, Episode 23 (Alpha and Omega)

Protagonists: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Chuck/God, Rowena, Crowley, Mary Winchester

Major Antagonists: Amara, Toni, Billie

FEATURED CREATURES: Angel, Celestial Being, Witch, Demon, Human Spirit, Reaper, Human

Over Plot: Sam and Dean deal with the Darkness being released

Major Character Deaths: None

Minor Deaths: Sam and Dean absorb spirits into a crystal at the sanitarium.  We only see 11, though they say there were thousands there before the trip, Billie puts in over 200,000.  As the bomb does not go off and Chuck removes them from Dean, it is unclear as to what happens to them.

Notes: First appearance of Lady Toni Bevell

Episode Bystander Kill Count: 0

Killed/Destroyed/Banished Count: 0