Iron Man 2

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

2:10 Anton Vanko dies

43:31 Guard has neck broken

43:32 Explosion kills inmate

1:30:47 two guards hung by Vanko

1:51:57 Vanko the younger presumably dies in explosion off screen


Total: 6

Digital spy lists the kill count at 12 but likely counts the drivers during the race which would be a mistake.  Their tumbles are no worse than Tony’s and he survived, plus drivers survive crashes like this and worse regularly.

Killcounts fandom lists the count at 56 which is definitely off since among other things it counts the drones.  Can’t kill what isn’t alive.  Also, it counts all of the racers as well as the guards in Hammer’s building which were clearly not killed, just incapacitated.

Carnage counts puts the count at 70.  It counts unconfirmable kills from the video in the hearing.  It also counts the drivers during the race.  Much like the Killcounts, it also counts robots.

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Everybody Loves Pudding