Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Since this film goes by some looser definitions of killing damage, gauging what is a kill isn’t exact. In addition, there are small demon creatures that are destroyed in the film, but their level of intelligence and self-awareness are not certain, so they will not be counted (as we don’t count animals and the like either)

Battle begins at 1:35 and I estimate 54 dead. The death count of this small section of battle is difficult to be precise about because the camera does not always give a perfect view. We see about 14 soldiers Xu directly strikes before he flings his big attack at the doors through a column of soldiers. At 2:21 we can see bodies on the ground outside of where his big attack hit. We have to estimate from there. The area hit seems to be about 4 soldiers wide and 10 deep, so 40 seems a safe bet.

2:38 Xu kills 8 more in a different battle

2:44 Assassins kill 3

2:54 Someone guns down 5 from on high

4:31 Xu’s car goes over a cliff killing the other 3 passengers inside. We don’t see what happens to the other 2 vehicles following him and can assume the trees get them and that they likewise had 4 occupants each

Small plot hole during the fight on the bus. Razorfist ends up with the pendant, but when he is kicked to the back of the bus by Shang-chi, you can clearly see his open outstretched hand with no pendant.

38:56 Shang-chi shoves a guy off the side of the building (there are a couple of instances in this fight where it is unsure if the assailants die or not when they fall. The ones that fall straight through the bamboo lattices attached to the outside of the building I am giving the benefit of the doubt to because we see Shang-chi catch himself on lower rungs, so they might have as well. Any that get knocked off outside those lattices are likely splatted on the pavement below.)

39:46 Another goes flying off the side

40:58 Xialing knocks one off and then so does Shang

41:11 Xialing knocks one out of Shang-chi’s hands off the side

1:02:04 A gate demolishes the front of a vehicle and we can assume at least one person was killed. During the lead up to this point, a couple of goons are taken off of motorcycles at fairly high rates of speed, but it is unclear whether this would be fatal in the comic book physics.

1:24:39 We see Shang-chi’s mom dead as well as 6 men around her

1:25:12 Xu attacks some of the killers at a gambling establishment killing 6

1:28:00 Shang-chi admits he killed his mom’s killer. This will not be included as it happens off screen through description only and misses the other criteria of happening during a portion of the movie that we see play out.

1:32:48 Lion knocks a guy through a building room

1:38:09 Demon thing kills the 10 rings trainer

1:44:15 During the main battle, it is difficult to know the kill rate, but here we see 5 dead bodies on the ground

1:49:14 Shang-chi’s dad is killed by the dweller

1:50:52 We can see 2 more dead on the ground

1:51:12 We see the little demon things taking 14 souls to the dweller

1:52:00 Old man archer killed by demon thing and we can see 17 more bodies on the ground during the scene

1:55:05 Dweller killed by Shang-chi

1:55:38 We get a wide look at the field of battle and see 39 corpses

1:56:09 There is a funeral ceremony with lanterns that often represent one of the dead. However, there are well over 100 lanterns and there were definitely never that many shown on screen. So I don’t think we can use this as any indication of a number of kills. Because it is difficult to determine continuity of terrain from shot to shot and to determine where the souls came from that were taken by the demons, we will just use the largest shot of dead on the ground as a conservative estimate for the scene with the exception of the guy the lion knocked through the roof which was definitely in a different locale.


Total: 142


Here is a wiki that lists deaths for the film as well and comes to the total of 390. Their count is higher because they counted all of the demon things. It is also just clearly wrong on several of the counts of bodies either from considering non-lethal/uncertain damage a kill or just miscounting.

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