Mortal Kombat (2021)

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

3:23 Guard gets stabbed through with a sword

6:00 Hanzo’s wife and child frozen to death

6:41 Fight scene between Hanzo and attackers occurs where he kills 3

7:20 Second part begins where he kills another 4 with the dagger on a rope

7:28 He gets 2 more

7:39 And another 2

7:41 He throws the dagger to kill another

11:59 Hanzo dies to Sub Zero

21:25 Sub Zero appears in the modern day causing ice to rain down killing 1 from what I can tell

34:56 Kano pulls the heart out of the lizard assassin

1:13:20 Kung Lao kills the Nitara via sawblade hat

1:16:42 Cole stabs Goro through the eye

1:19:48 Kung Lao gets his soul sucked out by Shang Tsung

1:23:50 Jax booms the Reiko’s head to bits

1:25:37 Sonja kills Kano with a garden gnome

1:26:45 Liu Kang gets the fire dragon to eat Kabal

1:27:31 Sonya kills Mileena

1:35:25 Scorpion burns Sub Zero alive


Total: 26


This kill count is numerically the same as ours. They over count the kills during the Hanzo fight scene by two, then don’t count the death of Hanzo because he comes back. They miss the bystander death from Sub Zero’s entrance to modern day.

This kill count is one lower than ours and seems to only miss the bystander death.

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Everybody Loves Pudding