The New Mutants

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

First a couple of notes. There are several instances where deaths are discussed as part of exposition that will not be counted because they all occur before the movie begins. Second, there are several instances where the ‘monsters’ are killed throughout the movie. The appear to be conjured though.  And even though they seem to have a sense of free will to a degree, it appears to be directly linked to the target so isn’t actually will at all.

0:01 The opening scene begins with an entire reservation being wiped out. Although we cannot see and are never given an exact number of people that live there, we can see Danielle’s father and at least 7 other people running around and driving before being destroyed by the bear.

1:14:21 The bear eats Dr. Reyes


Total: 9

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding