One quick note for this kill count is there are a number of eggs that are destroyed in the film that could be argued to be counted, but I will not be counting them in this… well, count.

7:25 Grenade kills a Nazi and then a column falls on another

7:38 G.I. shot by Karl

7:45 An explosion kills someone in the near background

7:49 Another someone in the background falls to gunfire and then Karl shoots 4 more G.I.s

7:57 Karl uses his blades to kill 2 G.I.s

8:10 He gets 2 more

9:19 Rasputin dies for the first time in the film (this is verified through exposition later as he describes bringing back a little more of the elder gods each time he comes back to life)

16:01 Guide is stabbed by Karl

26:44 Exposition is given that 6 guards were killed in the raid on the museum, though in just a bit, that exposition is shown to be false as 8 are actually killed by Karl

36:33 Sammael dies on the train tracks

49:35 Liz roasts 4 kids as a child in flashback

50:04 At least 2 guards die in a Liz caused fire blast. It is possible others die, but it is not able to be verified

59:11 FBI agent eaten by a Sammael

59:26 Then another

1:03:29 A Sammael is killed by a train

1:05:04 Clay is repeatedly stabbed by Karl. Exposition is given that he is unlikely to live through the night, but by the end of the film it is unclear if he lives

1:18:32 Broom is killed by Karl

1:30:39 An enormous pendulum kills an FBI agent as well as an animated skeleton (which will count as he talks about being alive just before he dies again)

1:34:00 Karl is impaled and crushed

1:36:47 FBI agent killed by a host of Sammael

1:37:07 A Sammael is flattened by rocks

1:38:46 Liz fries all of the remaining eggs and Sammaels. By my count there are still 9 between the 5 fully grown ones and the 4 that just hatched.

1:48:09 Rasputin is killed again after being stabbed, alien chested by the elder god and then thwomped by a giant tentacle. Also Ilsa is crushed.

1:50:38 The elder god is blown up from the inside


Total: 51-52


This kill count is a little lower than mine. They missed one in the first firefight, a guard in the museum, though they then end up double counting the guards in the museum. They ignore the children from the flashback. They also only counted 3 Sammael killed in Liz’s fire blast at the end.

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding