7:23 Deadpool drops into the bad guy’s car which causes them to swerve which then causes a random person’s car to flip violently completely crushing the driver’s side windshield and roof in. There is no way that person survived.

7:40 It appears Deadpool breaks a guy’s neck with his foot.

7:57 Bad guy on a motorcycle passes the car firing a machine gun that kills the passenger side thug. Deadpool kicks the guy out of the car taking out the motorcycle bad guy.

8:55 Guy beheaded mid air as two of the other bad guys in the car are thrown out and die (one hitting the highway sign)

11:11 Deadpool begins his countdown sequence by shooting two guys “12” and “11”

11:42 Then another “7”

12:08 And another “6”

12:21 Deadpool shoots a grenade taking out 2 guys with “5”

12:37 He shoots another with “4”

13:04 Deadpool shoots 3 guys with the “1” bullet killing 2 of them.

13:54 Deadpool stabs the third guy that got of from the previous shot.

55:36 Deadpool causes an explosion that burns down the facility he is in. We can for sure see the guy he was joking with was still strapped to his gurney and dies in the fire. It is likely that others did as well, but there is no real way to extrapolate numbers for this.

1:00:20 Here is where a series of montages begins where he is hunting down Ajax and killing people in the process. They are stitched together in such a way that it can be confusing to get a kill count if you don’t slow it down. He starts with 3 dead here.

1:01:16 Deadpool kills one off screen here.

1:01:26 In this third montage section he kills a guy in an office by crushing his head in a safe, kills a guy with a zamboni off screen, kills 2 women with a pistol in a warehouse off screen, gets a guy in a bathroom stall, in the hallway section he gets 2 guys on screen and 2 off.

1:02:55 Deadpool kills 2 of the recruiter’s henchmen

1:03:36 He kills the recruiter off screen

1:23:57 This is where the final fight scene begins. It is important to note that there is a section where Colossus hits 2 guys with what looks like a tractor tire, but this would not be a confirmed kill both for the amount of damage done but also for how Colossus operates as he does not kill. Also, I think Deadpool only knocks out Bob since this is someone he knows as shown in the film and this is a reference to his Hydra friend from the comic. He starts his kill streak with 5 dead in this section that ends at 1:24:10

1:24:30 He gets 3 more

1:24:45 Negasonic crushes 2 guys

1:26:33 Negasonic launches Deadpool in the air and he hits 3 guys at the top of the carrier killing them.

1:35:31 Deadpool shoots Ajax


Total: 52


This Kill Count is close. They just miss the car flip and one from the montage.

This one however misses quite a few.

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding