Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

2:00 Guy beheaded

3:34 Ancient One causes 2 mages to be grounded up in the gears of an inception building

3:40 Ancient One kicks one in between 2 inception buildings

3:44 Ancient One throws her boomerang energy Tron discus killing 5 mages

3:58 Mage falls to his death? In the inception sky

4:02 Ancient One takes out 3 more mages in hand to hand with a glowing disc

54:34 London Sanctum master killed by Kaecilius

57:15 Then the New York master

1:10:09 Strange kills a mage in the astral plane

1:21:55 The Ancient One kills a mage in the mirror dimension

1:26:14 The Ancient One dies

1:37:08 Starting here Strange dies 14 times in a time loop fighting Dormammu


Here is the Carnage Count. They are a little lower because they missed a couple of kills, but also they understandably did not count the number of time Strange died. We counted it because the memories of the event stayed with both individuals, so while that moment occurred repeatedly, the deaths are still valid unlike the deaths on earth where time was just rewound rather than relived.

This kill count counted the deaths of strange at the end as well as a civilian death that did not actually occur, though they missed quite a few others.

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding