Captain America: Civil War

As a reminder, just because Cap or someone hits a person, that is not enough to count as a kill, we are looking for probably fatality

5:36 Three guards killed (seen on ground)

5:43 Seven gassed in building

5:49 Cap lands hard on terrorist

6:10 Falcon uzis a terrorist

6:41 Cap takes off a guy’s mask who then breathes the gas

7:18 Falcon uses missiles to take out 3 guys

8:28 Two terrorists taken out by grenade in truck

11:04 Falcon’s drone gets a guy as Widow shoots the other

12:31 Crossbones dies in big boom + 11 Wakandans as explained in exposition at 19:05

27:50 Zemo drowns a hydra agent

31:42 Peggy Carter dies confirmed via text

37:29 King T’Chaka killed in explosion along with 11 others as confirmed by exposition at 39:09

1:05:40 In this section these individuals are already down and considering Bucky’s brainwashed status, we can assume dead. 1 seen in hall outside interrogation outer room, 7 in the interrogation outer room and 1 in hall we can see from another angle

There is a scene in flashback where we see the uprising of the other winter soldiers. There is no probable on screen kill and the flashback ends before we know the disposition of those they were fighting.

1:46:13 We find the dead guy in the hotel tub

1:58:50 It is revealed here that Zemo killed the other 5 soldiers

2:01:55 Here in flashback we see the death of Howard Stark and his wife


Total: 63


Here is the Carnage Count which estimates higher than ours basically for counting every strike as a kill.

This Body Count seems slightly off just because it counts the same downed guard several times as well as making the same choice that the Carnage count makes and counting some kills where it is not likely to be one. It also counts kills from other movies.

This Every Death count somehow seems to get the exact same count as we do, though it is by chance. It seems to miss several kills while counting others that are not likely kills.

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Everybody Loves Pudding