Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

In this film many Ultron robots are destroyed. None are considered kills.

3:52 Alternate Dr. Strange dies as he goes through the portal

9:00 Dr. Strange summons a giant fish to stop a car flying and we cannot see whether there is a driver or not, but if there was one, it is definitely dead. There is also an upside down car thrown into the bus which if it had a driver is also a goner. By the way, where are all the passengers in the bus that is in the middle of the street that America is hiding in?

13:17 Dr. Strange kills the giant squid demon.

31:00 Wanda’s initial blast appears to only down 1 mage, She then takes control of the magic.. uh artillery along with the 5 mages running it and tosses them but since they are mages I expect they survived. She throws the barrel into another station sending 9 mages flying including the mage that sacrifices themselves later so their fates are also uncertain. She shoots a blast that looks to take out 12 mages acting as archers in the courtyard then redirects arrows to 4 mages on the roof who are definitely dead.

31:35 Wanda gets another 14 in another courtyard. She destroys the floor under 25 more mages killing them.

32:08 Wanda incinerates a mage when she lands.

34:12 Wanda kills 2 mages by dragging them through reflections to the mirror realm.

53:50 Mage sacrifices herself to destroy the Darkhold book.

1:09:06 We see alternate earth Blackbolt kill their Dr. Strange in flashback.

1:12:37 Alternate Blackbolt dies in one of the dumbest ways possible.

1:12:44 Wanda Spaghettis alternate earth Mr. Fantastic.

1:14:04 Wanda bisects alternate Captain Carter.

1:14:59 Wanda squishes alternate Captain Marvel.

1:19:10 Wanda kills alternate Xavier in his mind.

1:34:40 Dr. Strange impales his counterpart from a destroyed universe on a fence.

1:42:25 Dr. Strange kills Wanda’s 3 guardian beasts

1:50:52 Wanda maybe sacrifices herself while destroying the temple and all other Darkholds


Total: 80-83

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Everybody Loves Pudding