Thor: Love and Thunder

It is important to note that while it is uncertain as to whether the shadow creatures should count as a kill, we are erring on the side that they are living as when they are destroyed, they don’t melt back to shadows, they leave a carcass and their actions appear to be independent.

1:41 Gorr’s daughter dies

6:20ish Gorr kills his first God

8:31 is a sequence of people that have died near Thor, but all have already been accounted for in other films.

10:15 We see an owl looking alien shot with a laser probably by Gamora?

10:39 We see a blue alien fall followed by seeing one laying on the ground after a pan to the right.

10:50 Rocket shoots an owl guy on a speeder which explodes which would kill the other on board and then Star Lord shoots 2

11:02 We see a dead alien near the feet of the King

11:32 We see another dead on a rock as Thor gives his speech.

12:29 Thor enters the battle sequence and smashes 4 speeders killing 8

12:45 Thor throws a speeder killing 2

12:49 As Thor prepares to throw the hammer for maximum carnage we get an overhead look at how many speeders there are. 1 pulls off to each side to prep for the van damme homage. That leaves 26 in formation which he nukes killing 52. Then is the homage and he lets the 2 hit each other killing the other 4.

13:38 He kicks a tank. Manned inside? Not sure, but there was a guy on top.

13:50 Thor kills the 5 guys on top of the structure after flying through it.

23:53 There is a montage of distress calls showing images of slain gods in which we can see 8

29:47 Valkyrie skewers a shadow creature

30:01 Thor blows 2 up

30:14 Val and Thor each get another and then 2 more and Thor gets 2 more including a big one

30:38 From Jane’s landing to Mjilnor flying around 9 more shadows fall

31:40 Mjilnor break kills another and rebound gets 2 more

32:00 Jane hits one then Thor does

35:03 Jane’s hits one and another

35:30 Thor gets 2

Half our soldiers are dead… Without context, this uttered phrase cannot give us a number and it is uncertain whether they are speaking about deaths that even necessarily happened in this film.

52:12 Gorr conjures a creature just to kill it

1:03:16 Jane beheads a guard then Thor kills 4 with his chains. The ensuing melee results in death of 37 more before Korg gets crumbly

1:04:50 Another dies behind then another 16 in the melee
Battle on black and white world starts

1:21:28 Six monsters die

1:30:49 Final fight sees Thor and the children kill approximately 66 monsters

1:43:34 Gorr and Jane die


Total: 252

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding