Black Panther

As a note, any large non piercing impact to a wakandan cannot be assumed to be lethal, as they sometimes weave Vibranium into their clothes (as confirmed through some possibly unreliable exposition from Klaw, but also from the comics and .. you know.. just watching the movie). Estimating impact death is essentially impossible.

9:59 Guy gets thrown into a truck really hard

10:50 Okoye stabs a guy with her spear (other take downs in this sequence would not be enough for a confirmed kill)

17:26 Klaw and cohorts shoot 4 guards

47:31 Nakia shoots 2 of Klaw’s guys

47:50 Okoye stabs one

48:04 Klaw shoots an agent

50:14 Shuri runs over a Klaw flunkie

50:57 Okoye throws a spear that causes a car crash which likely kills 2 Klaw flunkies

51:30 Panther kinetic explosion causes a car crash which likely kills 2 Klaw flunkies

52:53 Panther takes off a wheel of a moving car killing a Klaw flunky driving

58:49 Killmonger shoots 2 operatives

1:02:32 Killmonger shoots a Klaw mercenary

1:02:47 Then he shoots his girlfriend

1:03:48 Killmonger shoots Klaw

1:06:44 Killmonger’s dad is killed by T’Chaka in flashback

1:20:45 Killmonger stabs my favorite priest and secret samurai

1:42:20 A ship is destroyed and we can safely assume that at least a pilot is killed and since all the other ships have at least 2 people in them as seen in later footage, we will assume 2 dead

1:44:33 Another ship destroyed, so 2 more

1:46:11 Killmonger kills a royal guard

1:47:56 Ross shoots down an aircraft (2)

1:53:32 Ross takes down 2 more ships (4)

1:53:55 Ross takes down the last ship (2)

1:58:18 Killmonger dies


Total: 37

This kill count comes to a much higher total, but they count quite a few physical interactions as kills that are just not likely to be.

Carnage Count makes the same choice and thus also has a higher count.

And not to sound like a broken record, but Every Death makes this exact same choice.

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Everybody Loves Pudding