Thor: Ragnarok

It is important in this count to note that Surtur’s ‘death’ does not count as he cannot be killed as stated in the film. Also, the undead raised by Hela do not count as they are either just shells being animated directly by her power or bodies animated by the spirits of the deceased which when struck are not killed again. This includes the wolf.  The bodies you see in Valkyrie’s memory do not count as they occur in memory and not flashback. Both the Surtur scene at the beginning and the Hela scene requires extensive slow motion and stop frame. Counting bodies on the ground also helped in the Hela scene.

4:59 Thor kills 144 demons in Surtur’s realm in a long fight scene (this section ends 5:34)

7:01 Thor gets 3 more

7:08 One more

8:45 Bifrost cuts off dragon head

21:51 Odin dies

25:39 Unceremonious death of Volstagg and Fandral

29:51 Valkerie shoots and kills 27 guys when she finds Thor

33:12 Hela kills 125 Asgardians in a fight scene that lasts until 34:20(All ships count as 1 because we do not know the crew complement)

34:36 Hogun is killed by Hela

38:50 Grandmaster melts a guy

42:56 We see 25 dead guards in the throne room

48:36 We see a dead gladiator dragged from the arena

1:28:41 Loki and Thor shoot 15 guards

1:29:10 Thor beats one to death

1:32:15 Valkyrie shoots down a ship (2 ships are taken down between this and the next, but it is unclear if the damage was sufficient to take out the crew)

1:34:18 She gets another

1:34:48 Head guard’s ship is destroyed

1:34:55 Thor throws a pilot to his death

1:46:04 Undead kill 3 Asgardians

1:46:10 then another

1:47:22 Three headed guy gets stabbed

1:53:57 Undead kill a guard

1:54:51 Executioner dies

1:57:27 Hela dies


Total: 360

Joblo is quite a bit higher.  He underestimates the demons, way overestimates the initial kills from Valkyrie, underestimates Hela’s first kills, uses arbitrary numbers for ships taken down and counts undead kills.

Carnage almost doubles my count. Again he misses quite a few demon kills. Again way over estimates Valkyrie’s first kills. I think both these guys double counted a few. You can see that there are not that many of them standing before the killing starts. His first Hela kills are higher than mine which can be accounted for by arbitrarily counting multiples on the ships taken down and a reasonable difference in counts of bodies in this scene which is very difficult to get an accurate count on. This also means that they would use an arbitrary count for other ships taken later. Also, like Joblo they count the undead taken out as kills.

Every Kill follows the same issues as above. Saw more demons in the blast than I did. Counted undead.