The Database FAQ

The Ultimate Comic Movie Database FAQ

This database is intended to be a conversation starter and an argument-ender!  With this tool you will be able to search and find information on every movie, serial or short that has ever been based in whole or in part on a comic strip, comic book, or graphic novel.

Title eligibility for the database:

  • It must have been a comic before appearing in audio or video format. (Thus, G.I. Joe is not included, as it existed as an animated series before the comic was made.)
  • The original source need not have been in print form only, web based comics are also included.
  • Titles are included if the comic source was a book or myth before being released as a comic.
  • The comic source must have either been in English or translated to English before being adapted into audio or video.
  • Films not produced in English will only be included on a case by case basis, and only if the source material fits the above description.
  • Titles which have only incidental inclusion of comic characters or references in a movie that is otherwise unrelated to comics (ex. LEGO) are not included.
  • Finally, fan films will not be included.

There are some instances where movies have the same title.  In these instances, the release year has been included after a “/” at the end of the title.

There are also a handful of instances where actors have the same name. We have done our best to differentiate these actors by either including their birth year in () after their name, or including a middle name/initial where it could be found.


Below are the sources we have used to compile the data. Wherever possible, we have compared the information we found to the listed credits of the films. You should definitely check any and all of these out if you would like more detailed information!

  • American Newspaper Comics: An Encyclopedic Reference Guide by Allan Holtz
  • The Transformation of Cinema 1907-1915 by Eileen Bowser
  • Poor Boy Comedian of Silent Cinema by Anthony Balducci and Lloyd Hamilton
  • Guide to the Silent Years of American Cinema by Donald W. McCaffrey and Christopher P. Jacobs
  • Library of Congress Catalog of Copyright Entries
  • Toonpedia
  • The Paley Center for Media
  • Daily cartoonist
  • Dick Tracy Depot
  • Comic Vine
  • Flights Tights and Movie Nights
  • (Sunday Funnies: 2 Dozen Comic Strips that Became Silent Comedy Films)