4.35: Review of Eternals

Ken and Richard delve into an MCU film with a very different presentation. How does it stack up to previous outings in the ever growing group of movies?

4.34: Interview with Gabriel Jarret

Ken seizes the unique opportunity to speak with actor Gabriel Jarret (Real Genius, The American President, Apollo 13) about his career. Get a look behind the curtain on some incredible movies and a chance to better know a great talent.

4.33: Review of The Matrix Resurrections

The Pudding Guys take on the newest release in the blockbuster Matrix series, The Matrix Resurrections! See how this film measures up on its own and compared against its predecessors.

4.32: Top 10 New Year’s Films

To wrap up the year, we thought it would be fun to rank our Top 10 favorite films that are at least New Year’s adjacent. Time to break out the bubbly!

4.29: History of Comic Book Movies 2018

The Pudding Guys return to the History of Comic Book Movies with the year 2018! Many great films to see, but this was an especially big year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tune in!

4.25: Reviews of Dune (2021) and Marvel’s What If…?

The Pudding Guys are back with a 2-for-1! We finish talking about the first season of the Disney+ series What If…?, and review the newest attempt at the sandy Sci-Fi classic, Dune. Settle in for a listen, and let us be your guides through these fantastical realities!

4.16: Review of Tenet

Your intrepid hosts review the sci-fi movie Tenet! Is it more gold from Christopher Nolan or is it a swing and a miss? Tune in to find out!

4.13: Review of The Suicide Squad (2021)

Ken and Richard review DC’s second attempt at a film surrounding the misfit villians of the titular Suicide Squad. Did they get it right this time? Listen and find out!

4.10: Review of Bo Burnham: Inside

Ken and Richard review a comedy special for the first time–Bo Burnham: Inside. While we don’t have a ‘little bit of everything all of the time,’ we do have quite a few opinions about this special, so get your hands up!

Season 4: Episode 9

Big comic book movies are back! Today, we have the joy of reviewing Black Widow. Joining us in the fun are guest hosts, Delvin Cox (@delvin_cox) and Michael Aaron (@OneMikeNetwork)!

Season 4: Episode 8

The year 2016 was a big year for Comic Book movies, and Ken and Richard are back to discuss half of them!

Season 4: Episode 6

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than robots, spaceships, time travel, and explosions. So, in celebration of the things that make the genre great, Ken and Richard gush over their Top !0 favorite Sci-Fi films!¬†

Season 4: Episode 5

For our next trick, Ken sits down to talk movies and magic with actor Gene Silvers. We assure you, it’s an enchanting conversation!