Zack Snyder’s Justice League

A major weakness of this count is that it is being done through the WB app. Which is less than awesome. It’s pause function darkens the screen and hides part of it. Also it does not have a good way to frame by frame anything. Once I have the chance to see it on blue ray, I will be able to verify some of the more difficult sections of the counts.

18:33 A Cop is shot and then 5 more inside the building

21:49 This is where a large fight scene starts where Wonder Woman kills 10 gunman and then their boss ending at 24:21

28:21 This is where the fight scene between the Amazons and the Parademons occurs.  During this fight we can see about 8 amazons die and 9 Parademons. The building the fight takes place in falls into the ocean is crushed. We can assume all Amazons die, though Steppenwolf and 10 Parademons escape. When looking at the room, it appears to be split into four sections with an equal number of Amazons in each. I count 18 in one section, that means there are 72 in the central room and I count 10 in the main entrance as guards. All dead.

32:51 Amazon is chopped to death by Steppy

33:31 And another

33:51 An Amazon shoots a Parademon with an arrow then gets 2 more, one also gets speared

34:16 Steppenwolf gets 2 more Amazons

36:01 An Amazon dies under a horse

1:00:00 At about this point is the flashback to where Darkseid was defeated in the past. Counting kills in this section is difficult, but looks like 9 good guys killed (including a green lantern) and 48 bad guys as far as I can tell with the limited pause capabilities. The battle ends around 1:05:40

1:20:37 Vic’s mom dies, hit by truck in flashback

1:45:34 Steppenwolf kills 3 Atlanteans

1:56:40 Fight scene begins where 13 Parademons are killed and lasts until 2:04:20

2:37:00 This is a flash forward where no kills will be counted as they have not happened yet, if at all.

2:50:37 Silas Stone is liquified

3:12:29 Five Parademons mowed down by batman in car

3:12:33 He runs one over

3:13:13 Batman uses his cannon to take out a tower that has at least 12 of them on it.

3:13:30 Two are taken out by random gunfire from the Batmobile after it shakes one into a collapsing bit of building

3:13:41 Tower falls and crushes at least 7 along with gunfire

3:13:47 One impaled front and center

3:14:05 Wonder woman slices 3 off the top of his car

3:15:00 Aquaman impales one

3:15:12 Then another

3:15:36 Cyborg levels several buildings killing at least 6

3:15:45 Wonder Woman slices one in half

3:16:04 Wreckage of the batmobile kills 3

3:16:17 Batman bat bombs 2

3:16:27 Aquaman skewers 2 then bats one away into a wall

3:16:55 Batman shoots 5

3:17:07 Wonder Woman slices 3 and gets fire support for 3 more

3:17:24 Batman shoots 4 more

3:21:36 Batman shoots 2 more

3:24:13 Batman headshots one

3:30:27 Aquaman skewers Steppenwolf and Wonder Woman beheads him


Total: 260


As of the time of adding this kill count, it appears that I am essentially first as I cannot find any other counts on the internet yet save this one by Screen Rant, which is less of a kill count and more of a ‘here are a couple of interesting notes’ sort of thing. Plus they count the visions that Batman keeps having, which are not actually something that happened, just something that may happen. Maybe.

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Everybody Loves Pudding