Under Siege

21:14 Commander Green is shot

21:26 The captain is shot and then his guard is shot in the back

23:12 A sailor is shot for trying to fight back as is the guy that was standing next to him

23:57 A sailor on the outer deck of the ship is shot

30:53 Rybacks guard in the kitchen is shot

32:21 Ryback throws a knife to kill one of the kitchen thugs

33:00 He breaks the throat of the other

35:35 A Fighter pilot is shot down

42:50 When Ryback comes back to the galley where the first death of the movie occurs, we see at least 6 more bodies on the ground in addition to the first commander shot.

49:46 A microwave bomb takes out a thug

52:06 Exposition reveals that Ryback took out 2 guys in the engine room

54:05 Ryback karate chops a guy to death?

1:01:28 He then takes out 4 guys holding the girl hostage

1:01:52 He kills another with a grenade wedged inside a door

1:05:38 Another sailor is shot by Strannix

1:09:53 Ryback Uzis 2 guys

1:09:59 He gets another

1:10:01 He sideways Uzis another and then shoots the guy in front of him

1:10:15 He shoots a guy falling down the stairs

1:10:35 He shoots a guy with a pistol

1:11:05 Ryback sends a girder through the chest of a thug

1:11:16 He somehow kills a guy with a punch who then falls into some hanging ropes. We can verify he is dead as he is still hanging there some time later in the film.

1:11:38 He stabs a guy in the neck

1:11:43 He stabs a guy a bunch in the armpit

1:11:46 He stabs a guy in the chest

1:11:56 He uses a table saw to kill a thug

1:14:20 The bad guys shoot down 2 helicopters. We can clearly see that one has 2 pilots and a complement of 16 navy seals. We can safely assume that the other has 2 pilots at least.

1:19:34 Erika Eleniak shoots Colm Meaney

1:22:29 Exposition is given that the Johnson character that was shot in the hallway firefight died

1:26:26 They blow up the sub which I was able to see at least 18 members on board from an earlier scene, including Krill

1:30:50 Ryback shoots a thug

1:31:00 One of the group shoots the squirrely guy with glasses

1312:12 Ryback rips a thug’s throat out with his bare hands (lol)

1:31:18 The older sailor shoots a thug

1:34:33 Ryback stabs Strannix in the head


Total: 84

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding