The Good Place

Tracking Kills in this show is somewhat difficult as the definition of the kill within this show is a little different. I will count it as the normal definition of a human dying, but also any time a spirit is destroyed.  Janets and Derek are more difficult to define death for as they are not human and the show is not entirely clear as to what would kill them. The plunger resets them and they plead for their lives if it is approached, but Janet affirms that it is not a death, just a reset. The marbleizing process is not permanent and we see Janet come back from this state (as well as cause flatulence within it) in the fourth season, so it will also not count. Michael mentions retirement as a punishment but implies that he would retain awareness during the process. Later he also states that Demons cannot be killed, they just reform later.

In the first season one might think that Chidi, Elenore, Tahani and Jason would be kills in the first episode, but their deaths technically occur before the episode begins and even though we are shown their deaths at later points in the series, they are as flashbacks of memory so do not count.

In the second season we are shown a flashback of Elenore’s father’s funeral. His death does not take place within the confines of the episode so does not count.

In the second season there is a re-enactment of the Trolley Problem where several people are run over. All of these people are figments conjured by Michael, so none of their kills count.

In season 2 episode 9, Michael marbleizes a Bad Janet. In a previous episode, Janet explains that this is how to kill a Janet. though later it becomes obvious that this is not true.

In season 3-8 Janet takes Elenore, Chidi, Tahani and Jason into her void which destroys their bodies and kills them.

In the late part of season 3 Simone dies off screen between episodes. Since it does not occur during the episode, it does not count.

For most of season 4 there are no deaths, just resets of Derek and many marbleized Janets until the final episode. As the final episode occurs over the course of thousands of years within the afterlife and at least many years in real time, several of the main and secondary characters transition.

Doug Forsythe dies off screen and later leaves through the death door in the good place also off screen (revealed through exposition)

We see Pill boy and Donkey Doug in the good place, so we can assume they died off screen at some point during the episode.

We see Nick Offerman in the good place, so we can assume he died off screen at some point.

We see Tahani reunited with both Camilla and her parents during the episode, so we can assume they all died off screen.

We see Elenore reunited with her 2 former roommates so we can assume they died off-screen.

We see Chidi reunited with his friend so we can assume that he died off screen.

Exposition reveals that both Chidi’s mom and Elenore’s mom were in the good place, so we can assume they died off screen.

Chidi goes through the door in the good place to finally die.

Jason goes through the door in the good place to finally die.

Elenore goes through the door in the good place to finally die.


Series Total: 20

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