The Avengers

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

To preface this list, it must be stated that it is not possible for any kill count of this movie to be entirely accurate because for Disney reasons, it never shows a single bystander casualty during the entire attack on New York, even though it had to have happened. Also, there are going to be estimations due to distance and other issues.

5:36 Loki stabs a guard

5:37 He kills 2 with throwing knives

5:39 Blast from his scepter takes out scientist

5:40 He slices another guard

5:44 He incinerates a guard with a blast and then kicks a guy into a wall breaking his back

8:53 Loki blasts the passenger of a pursuit car which the flips and kills the driver

There is a helicopter crash, but the fate of the pilot is uncertain

38:01 Hawkeye skewers a guard

38:03 Then he gets one up high

38:40 Loki strikes a guard with his staff

38:58 Loki takes a guy’s eye which looks like it kills him

39:47 Loki blasts a cop car which we can assume at least had a driver

53:50 Black Widow confirms that Loki killed 80 people in 2 days. We will assume this includes the 12 kills already listed and attributed to him thus far but not those kills we have seen from Hawkeye.

1:19:18 Fury shoots a guy

1:19:24 Maria Hill with a headshot

1:19:45 Fury gets another

1:21:16 Cap throws a guy of the helicarrier

1:21:34 Fury shoots another

1:21:38 Hawkeye blows up 2 agents and second explosion gets 2 more

1:24:00 Coulson takes a guy down

1:28:30 Coulson dies

1:42:47 Iron man blows up a sled ship(3) (each has 3 aliens on it unless otherwise noted)

1:42:54ish Iron man uses missiles to take out 11 more sleds(33)

1:43:00 We get a wide shot of the battle and can assume each explosion is another sled, so 12 explosions mean 12 more sleds(36)

1:44:40 Hawkeye and Widow shoot down 2 sleds and then get 2 more(12)

144:53 They get another 2 sleds(6)

1:48:19 Hawkeye shoots an alien and the arrow takes another 2

1:48:43 Another alien goes down

1:49:31 Cap takes out 4? Aliens (it could be just 2, but the camera cuts are not conducive to telling)

1:50:05 Hawkeye gets another

1:50:07 Widow gets one

1:50:10 She gets 2 more and Hawkeye gets one then she gets 2 more

1:50:20 Cap gets 4

1:50:21 Thor gets 3

1:51:44 Hulk gets the big ship one (it is uncertain if there were any remaining passengers on it)

1:53:14 Hulk gets 5 more aliens on buildings

1:53:22 Hulk gets 2 sleds (6)

1:53:49 Thor nukes 9 sleds (27) and 2 big alien beast ships that has a full compliment. It can hold at least 10 per side so let’s say 42 from them.

1:54:20 Hawkeye gets a sled (3)

1:54:35 He gets another sled and then Iron Man gets one (6)

1:54:38 A sled runs into shrapnel and explodes (3)

1:54:45 Iron Man banks a sled into a building (3)

1:54:51 Another 2 run into a building (6)

1:55:30 Widow gets one

1:56:23 Widow knocks an alien off their sled and then it looks like she kills the driver but it seems alive later so not dead? (this is one of those rare sleds that only has 2)

1:56:39 Iron Man takes the sled behind her out (3)

1:56:43 Iron Man shoots one on the ground and charges through 6 while cap takes 2 out

1:56:47 Iron Man shoots 2 and then refracts his weapons off Cap’s shield to take out 4 more

1:56:50 Iron Man flies up the side of building and takes out 5 while Hawkeye gets the one at the top of the building

1:57:02 Hawkeye shoots the driver of a sled which causes it to go down (3)

1:57:05 Hulk is fighting aliens on top of a big one and gets 5

1:57:09 Thor arrives and gets 4 aliens while Hulk gets another 8 and they combine to kill the big one

1:57:57 Cap shatters an alien’s face with a punch

1:58:22 Cap breaks an alien neck

1:58:32 Alien caught in crossfire and then we can assume the explosion takes the other because the crowd below wasn’t immediately assaulted after

1:59:55 Hawkeye explosive arrow takes out driver of sled Loki is on

2:01:13 Thor takes out a sled (3)

2:01:48 Iron Man takes out a big one from inside

2:02:00 Hawkeye gets one and then another after he runs out of arrows

2:02:35 Hulk gets 4

2:03:45 Iron Man blasts 5 and drops 1 from a height

2:04:15 Group fight scene Cap gets 2 Thor gets 3

2:04:23 Thor knocks a car into 5

2:06:45 Iron Man sends the nuke to space and it can be seen to destroy the big big ship which is just not possible to estimate, at least 9 of the big creature ships and at least 5 more sleds (195) This also drops all remaining aliens on earth for some reason and we will give those numbers as we see them

2:06:47 Two aliens die of loneliness

2:06:50 Seven die from too much Yoga

2:06:52 A big one dies from the massive plot hammer


Total: 600

Here are some other kill counts:

This one seems pretty good, but over estimates in several places counting kills that aren’t necessarily kills, off screen kills that can’t be confirmed, gives a higher body count to the sleds than should be there sometimes and gives a higher estimate for the number of troops the big beast can carry. It also gives a death number for the big big ship at the end which cannot be estimated really, but this number isn’t outside the realm of reason.

Carnage Counts takes a safer stance and tries to not estimate anything, so only lists the deaths visualized on screen more definitively. This means it completely ignores the nuke at the end and tries to to guess how many bad guys are riding the big beasties. This is why it is half the amount of my count.

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