Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

(Deaths in this film are categorized by bursting into coins, so no coins no death)

34:50 Rival 3 band members taken out by fire

35:20 Matthew Patel punched into coins

50:54 Lucas Lee in a skate accident

1:11:10 Todd headbutted to death

1:17:50 ex-girlfriend (Roxy)touched to death

1:24:08 Twins musicked to death

1:33:02 fight scene where 19 minions die

1:36:08 Scott dies

1:38:25 Doorman insulted to death

1:38:27 second set of 2 doormen beaten to death

1:39:33 Scott kills the same 19 minions again

1:43:56 Knives and Scott beat G-man to death


Total: 52


Other Kill counts

Mrthepandaman does a count here.  He counts the demon chicks with the first boyfriend, but I am not convinced they are real though misses the rival band members, and regardless, don’t explode into coin.  He also counts the pushing of two people in the club who clearly didn’t die.  He also misses 1 of the minions the the last fight done twice.

Carnage count has one here.  Carnage miscounts the number of minions in the last fight.

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding