Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

1:28 Rake shoots 3 soldiers (this bookends the production but there is no death overlap)

6:04 Kid shot in head

19:22 headshot to kidnapper

19:41 kidnapper choked to death

20:13 kidnapper shot through door

20:16 2 kidnappers shot

20:19 kidnapper shot in head

20:21 kidnapper shot in throat

20:27 headshot from sniper

20:31 and another

20:35 headshot form inside fight

20:59 kidnapper stabbed in throat with a glass

21:03 table to head

21:17 dropped on neck and broke it

21:28 kidnapper stabbed in throat by broken rake

21:55 the rest of the rake through the eyes of another

24:19 child tossed over balcony

31:42 boat captain killed in engine room

32:04 captain’s friend shot in head

33:01 sniper shot in head

35:36 cop shot in car by Sanju

36:33 Sanju shoots another cop causing car to flip

36:39 and another

39:26 cop stabbed in neck

39:48 cop shot in head

39:49 then the next

39:59 and another

40:05 this is out of frame, but considering it is the protagonist, we can assume another kill

40:34 and the last of the group

40:43 another non-headshot to cop, and another headshot and again at :44

40:56 kill shot

40:59 shot and thrown over balcony

44:33 Sanju kills 3 cops

1:16:46 kid shoots Rake’s ‘friend’

1:22:09 four killed by grenade launcher to police car

1:22:28 police killed by machine gun

1:22:57 two more by pistol

1:23:59 two more by pistol

1:24:09 four by grenade

1:25:31 Sanju shoots 3 soldiers

1:25:50 he gets 2 more

1:25:52 and 1 more

1:25:54 two more shot

1:26:02 he gets a sniper

1:26:10 he throws a grenade that gets one

1:26:13 strafes one with rifle

1:26:21 gets another with a grenade

1:26:38 Rake gets one

1:26:41 he gets 2 more

1:26:44 grenade launcher for 1

1:26:48 headshot and then 1 in the smoke and then 1 on the other side of the car

1:28:09 Rake’s team takes out 2 soldiers

1:28:15 Rake shoots 2

1:28:59 Rake’s team gets another

1:29:14 Rake’s team takes out chopper that looked like it only had the pilot in it

1:29:30 Rake takes out 4

1:29:47 he gets the gunner on the armored transport

1:30:04 Sanju gets 4 on the bridge

1:30:25 Rake gets 4

1:30:50 Rake with a headshot

1:30:54 Rake spins, he shoots, he gets another kill

1:31:05 headshot then 2 more non headshot kills

1:31:30 Sanju with an up close and personal kill then another

1:32:07 Sanju stabby stabby for 2 more

1:32:27 Sanju dies by headshot

1:32:55 Rake’s helicopter co-pilot sniped

1:33:04 another teammate sniped

1:33:37 Rake gets another soldier

1:33:45 he gets 2 more

1:34:31 Rake gets a hiding soldier then 2 more

1:35:08 dead sniper colonel

1:36:23 Rake’s team gets 2 more soldiers

1:37:18 Rake tags another while stumbling

1:37:23 then another

1:37:26 then 2 with a pistol

1:37:55* Rake shot through the neck though technically doesn’t completely die til 1:39:18? (The ending makes this death unclear)

1:42:12 drug lord shot by one of Rake’s team


Total: 117-118


Cinema Blend quotes a Netflix tweet that says he kills over 180, but either some got left on the cutting room floor, or they were just estimating.

Slasher in Suits puts the count at 95, but they miss things like Ovi’s friend that gets shot at the very beginning of the movie.

Netflix India also did a count, but missed quite a lot of kills only listing 66.

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