4:48 Van runs down a pedestrian

5:15 The van is toppled by Dredd killing two of the passengers

5:44 We see a dead body on the floor where the criminal is fleeing assumed shot by the criminal

6:00 Another dead body

6:12 Dead body on the floor in the restaurant/bar

7:28 Dredd Kills the last fleeing criminal and we see 2 more dead on the floor during the standoff

13:49 Three men executed by being thrown off the top of a building

18:53 Flashback sequence shows 2 criminals gunned down

18:57 Two judged shot

19:01 Another gang member shot

22:02 to 22:45 Fight scene where Dredd kills 3 with gunfire and 1 via an exploding door

25:33 Four workers are shot in a work room/control center

27:37 A beggar is killed by blast doors coming down

31:10 to 31:29 Firefight after a gas grenade. We can see they shoot 9 criminals, though it is miscounted as 8 at the 40:30 mark

31:39 Dredd shoots 2 getting off elevator

33:26 to 34:07 Firefight after a stun grenade. The judges kill 10 though this is miscounted as 11 at the 40:30 mark

46:15 to 48:00 This is a hard one to count. There are clearly more kills in this section than the viewer can see, but there is no exposition to give a specific number nor do we have any other means of discerning it reliably. We can see 11 innocents gunned down.

50:49 Dredd shoots one.

50:56 He throws one off a ledge

1:03:04 Dredd ties a guy up as a distraction who is then shot by other criminals

1:03:15 Dredd burns 10 of them alive.

1:05:32 Crooked judge kills the medic.

1:06:46 Dredd shoots 2 criminals

1:09:14 Dredd kills one of the crooked judges with a throat strike

1:11:17 Anderson kills Kay

1:11:33 Anderson guns 2 down

1:12:36 Dredd shoots 2 criminals in the chem lab

1:15:05 Dredd blows up a crooked judge

1:15:42 Anderson shoots a crooked judge

1:17:23 Anderson shoots the last crooked judge saving Dredd

1:20:20 to 1:21:05 Firefight up top where the Judges shoot 9 criminals

1:21:15 They shoot 3 more

1:24:07 Dredd throws Ma Ma off the top of the building


Total: 96

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding