Die Hard

17:58 Front desk guy shot

18:39 Guard shot

31:38 Takagi is shot by Hans

37:38 Terrorist/thief has his neck broken

55:44 Bad guy shot

56:23 Another shot through a table

1:15:05 The assault vehicle is destroyed. This is an M8 Greyhound adjusted for the police. Normally the crew is 4, but 2 of those are for guns that are not on this version, so we will assume there are 2 cops inside.

1:16:40 Two bad guys blown up

1:24:55 Ellis is shot

1:35:52 Bad guy gets machine gunned

1:36:13 Bad guy takes a header through glass

1:54:27 Bad guy shot

1:56:40 The roof explodes killing at least 6 FBI guys in helicopters

2:02:06 Bad guy shot in the head

2:02:43 Hans falls

2:05:39 Karl is shot


Total: 23

This kill count is pretty close, it just missed one of the guys in the chopper. This is understandable because at the time of the explosion, that is all you see, but in the scenes leading up to it, you see another passenger.

Body Count has the same count as the previous kill count and makes the same counting error in the helicopter.

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding