Cowboys & Aliens

Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

Bounty hunter shot 4:22

Two cattle drivers hit by spacecraft 15:35

4 Killed during first capture at 29:00 (coach driver, guy in explosion, man and woman in house scream and blood spatter before alien leaves)

Meacham killed by alien 52:27

New gang leader killed Jake and his laser arm 1:01:45

Jake kills alien with blaster 1:06:12

Alice killed by alien in flashback 1:16:45

2 killed by explosive fire from structure 1:28:34

Rider and horse killed by alien 1:29:45

2 riders and a horse killed by alien 1:29:49

Rider killed by alien 1:29:56

Fallen killed on field killed by alien 1:29:58

Knocked off horse and stabbed by alien 1:30:04

Rider tackled by alien 1:31:07

Guy shot by energy 1:31:08

Guy tackled by alien 1:31:09

Guy tackled by alien 1:31:11

Rider dies by energy weapon 1:31:35

Alien shot in head by Doc’s rifle 1:32:16

Nat dies from alien wounds in Woodrow’s arms 1:33:07

Alien killed by group effort 1:33:57

Blasted alien in spaceship hall 1:36:00

Then another at 1:36:04

And another 1:36:12

And another 1:36:17

Cowboy tackled by alien 1:36:30

And another at 1:36:35

15 aliens killed by energy fire from Jake starting at 1:36:57.  If we assume 1 shot per kill which is what is implied (4 shots were off screen)

2 cowboys thrown in explosion 1:37:40

Rider killed 1:37:44

Rider stabbed at 1:37:59

Cowboy suicide tnt explosion to kill an alien 1:38:14

Emmett stabs alien to death 1:39:36

Woodrow spears and shoots an alien 1:42:47-1:42:52

Jake shoots alien into melting gold 1:45:51

Explosion on ship destroys all on board 1:48:28 though only 16 are visible from the combination of the 6 in the internal chamber, the 1 directly behind Ella and the 9 shown in a different part of the ship.  We can assume that Ella is also dead

The remaining aliens on the field must also be dead, but an exact number is impossible to determine.


Total dead: 74

If you would like some other opinions on the kill counts, you can try the EW kill count which is much lower.  They seem to miss quite a few (and insert a knife killing in the bar brawl which wasn’t there.)

There is also the Carnage Counts YouTube channel this is a great deal more liberal than our counts mostly because they include cattle and horses and are a little more loose as to what counts as a kill (they counted a guy getting punched in the face a few times.)


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