Avengers: Age of Ultron

It is important to note at the start that we will not be counting any kills of the robots controlled by/part of Ultron until the last one, as it would be like counting a kill if someone lost a finger. Also, If I remember correctly, Civil war gives an actual death toll for civilians in this movie, so the numbers might change.

:54 Random Hydra guy shot by Hawkeye on right of jeep

:55 Random Hydra guy hit by jeep? On left

:56 Random Hydra guy taken down between jeeps

1:04 Thor takes out Hydra gunner

1:07 Hawkeye snipes a Hydra guy on a perch, Thor gets the other 4 He then gets 3 others coming at the perch

1:18 Thor uses a girder to take out 3 Hydra guys then an explosion and Cap driving his motorcycle through take out 3 more

1:23 Cap throws that third guy into 2 more at a distance

1:27 Cap runs a guy over with his cycle(he hits 2 others, but they don’t look like kills)

1:30 Thor and Iron Man takes out a tank with a turret guy, so at least 2

1:35 Hulk takes 2 guys down as Hawkeye takes one down and Cap gets 2 with the cycle

1:42 Three Hydra guys taken down during gratuitous posing scene

1:43 Iron Man gets a guy then somebody (I am guessing Widow or Hawkeye) get a guy at range and Iron Man gets 2 more

2:05 Thor lands on a guy then beats 4 more down

2:18 Widow takes out a jeep with a grenade and gets 2

2:26 Hawkeye gets one then Widow shoots a guy

2:32 Hawkeye blows up a bunker which we know at least 1 gunner is in

2:35 Iron Man takes out 6 we can see and there are 2 already down so we can assume he got them as well 

2:46 Cap throws his motorcycle into a jeep with 4 guys in it

5:36 Hulk destroys a bunker with at least 1 guy in it

5:54 Iron Man gets 2 and then a third

5:59 Iron Man charges through a gate and gets a flyer and then 11 on the ground ending by going through a truck which at least had a driver

6:16 Thor gets 2 by hammering the ground

6:37 Thor hits Cap’s shield to take out a tank that we can assume at least has a driver and gunner as well as 12 ground units

6:52 Iron man comes in a window and takes out 2 and shoots the other 6 with non lethal though he does then repulsor a scientist

40:33 Strucker shown dead in cell

47:27 Hawkeye takes out a Klaw henchman

49:05 Hawkeye gets another

1:18:57 Ultron kills the doctor Chau’s 3 helpers

1:22:40 Ultron causes a car crash involving 3 cars that is serious enough to kill the passengers, though it is unclear how many there were, so we will just count 3 drivers

1:25:14 Ultron kills the train conductor

2:00:11 Ultron guns down what looks like a cop or a soldier

2:00:32 Quicksilver dies by bullets that don’t seem to do enough damage to actually kill him, but whatever

2:06:25 Ultron is killed by Vision

As an addendum, we learn of 4 more deaths that occurred during this film in Captain America: Civil War. At 18:40 we learn of a student’s death in Sokovia and at 2:07:49 we learn of the 3 family members that Helmut Zemo lost.


Total: 109

This Wiki page offers a kill count to the movie that is significantly higher than ours, but that is basically because it includes all the robots.  Remove that, and the counts are similar.

This Body Count is a bit higher than ours for a few reasons. They don’t count the robots, but there are several instances where there are what I would call questionable kills like when Cap punches a guy, that isn’t a kill. Usually. One of the biggest deviations is that it counts the deaths from Tony’s vision. It’s a vision, not reality, so those deaths do not count in our tally.

Carnage Counts is quite a bit higher than ours for the same reason as the wiki. robots don’t count to us.

And yet one more that makes the same mistake.

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