Angel, Season 4, Episode 21 (Peace Out)

Protagonists: Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Fred , Cordelia (in coma), Lorne

Major Antagonists: Jasmine, Conner, Lilah

FEATURED MONSTERS: Vampire, Altered Human, Demon, Half-Demon, Higher Being, Spirit (Human), Human

Over Plot: Angel and company try to stop Jasmine

Major Character Deaths: Jasmine

Minor Deaths: Jasmine eats at least 15 people before the press conference (it is hard to gauge an exact number as there is no pull out shot and the frame of reference keeps jumping around. It could be as many as 20 when looking at individual sets of clothes after she finishes)

Notes: Angel dodges and one Demon kills another, Angel kills the other Demon off screen, Angel says that 1000s of people are dead because of Jasmine she confirms this, but no time frame is given so these deaths will have to go unclaimed. Jasmine calls herself a higher power and there is no reason to doubt this so that will be her disposition. Lilah, much like Holland when he re-appeared is dead though using their own corpse possibly? Each seems solid but definitely isn’t a zombie. So, I think we will consider her a Human Spirit for disposition.

Episode Bystander Kill Count: 15-20 humans

Killed/Destroyed/Banished Count: 2 Demons

Everybody Loves Pudding
Everybody Loves Pudding