Specific times and circumstances that deaths occur

4:00 Guy on a boat frozen

4:07 Thirteen peasants killed by frost in scene right after boat

4:11 Seven peasants killed in third frost scene

4:33 In the battle between the Asgardians and the giants, it appears we see 8 Asgardians were killed and 7 Giants die (there are likely more as the armies were in the hundreds, but this is all that is seen on screen and specific numbers were not given.)

10:43 Asgardian guard killed

11:06 Frost giant killed by Destroyer and then the other 2 (we also see another body frozen in the water when they all come down to survey the damage)

21:20 Battle commences in the Frost Giant’s castle. Mjilnor to the face of a giant

21:27 and again

21:30 he gets 2 more

21:35 Sif gets 1

21:38 Fandral scores a kill and then Loki maybe gets a kill with a magic bolt (shortly after we see Thor kick a guy in the gut who is already down, but I don’t think that one counts)

22:12 Thrown Mjolnir to the face

22:20 Hogun with a knife to the face of a giant

22:31 Giant tricked into plunging to death

22:37 Sif gets another

22:53 Loki gets a kill

23:21 Fandral gives a giant a sword to the head

23:29 Loki with a bolt to a giant’s face

23:36 Thor knocks one out of the park

23:38 Thor throws Mjilnor through 7 Giants

23:53 Thor gets 2 more

24:02 Thor starts spinning his hammer and gets 2 more and then another 4 as the monster breaks free

24:21 Thor uses the hammer to propel projectiles to kill 3 more (one is just tripped)

24:37 Thor causes an the ground to cave in explosion that gets at least 14 in the immediate area and then 38 by my count in still frames

24:55 There is another ground cave in that appears to swallow 23 more giants

25:34 Thor gets the big beastie

1:21:49 Destroyer explodes a car and what appears to be 2 Shield agents

1:31:37 Heimdall gets 2 giants

1:33:00 Friga gets a giant

1:33:38 Loki kills the king of the giants


Total: 156

Here is a death count that puts the total higher, but it seems to have some questionable ‘deaths’.  It counts the Destroyer which isn’t alive.  It also counts a group of Frost Giants that are rushing towards the screen away from land being destroyed, though we don’t actually see them killed and I don’t even think it is really implied. I think the rest of the discrepancies are with over estimations of the deaths in the battle scene at the beginning.

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Everybody Loves Pudding